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Bike Maintenance Tips Every Bike-Owner Should Know

Most bike riders share a special bond with their bike. And, just as you take care of things you love, you must take care of your bike too. It is important to maintain the bike the right way for a better and safer riding experience. Though a valid bike insurance cover and regular servicing of the bike goes a long way in assuring the bike's good health and the rider's safety, there is still more to it.

Here are some ways to take care of your bike and ensure stress-free, safe and enjoyable rides:

  1. ​Opt for Long-term Bike Insurance
    A valid bike insurance policy is one of the best ways to keep your bike safe. Many insurance companies offer highly competitive price for third party bike insurance. Do your research and compare quotes for long-term bike insurance from different insurers online before choosing the one that suits you best.
    However, before you opt for third-party bike insurance, make sure you are choosing the right insurance cover for your bike. If you have one of the regular popular bike models, then you may opt for standard insurance coverage. However, if you have a specialized or a high-end model such as a racing bike then you should consider insurance policies that are meant for such bikes. Such insurance covers more risks involved with that particular kind of bike and comes with a higher premium.
  2. Ensure Engine Health
    Engine functions as the heart of your bike; and it needs extreme attention. With regular bike servicing, you can make your bike's engine run like clockwork. A properly conditioned bike engine will help you reduce the overall petrol bills. In addition, ensure that you always keep the carburetor clean and maintain valve clearances. If your bike has a choke-provision, you can avoid cold starts with its help. Choke copes up with emission norms and maintains fuel and engine efficiency. 
  3. Maintain Air Pressure in Tyres
    Make sure that all components of your bike are always in good working condition or you may have to get certain parts replaced sooner than expected. It is also crucial to check your bike's tyre pressure now and then. When you are out on a long journey, it is very easy for the tyres to lose air pressure. Ideally, always check the air pressure in the tyres before embarking on a long ride. The right air pressure not only makes the ride comfortable but also ensures the safety of the rider.
  4. Ensure Efficient Brakes
    Brakes are a very important part of a motor vehicle. They allow the wheels to operate properly, prevent accidents, and keep your vehicle from getting stuck on inappropriate surfaces. Checking a bike's brakes starts with checking all the parts of the bike's brake system including the brake pads, rotors and callipers. All parts of the brake system need to be working smoothly for reliable braking performance. 
  5. Monitor Engine Oil Level
    The quality and quantity of engine oil are crucial in ensuring the bike engine's good health. The defined level of engine oil should be maintained at all times. When it goes below a certain point, ask for a new batch. The manufacturer specifications tell you what brand of engine oil to use. If you do not check on it, you will not know when it needs refilling.
  6. Regularly Check Battery
    Just like batteries used in any other system, even bike batteries call for regular attention and care. To achieve optimum performance from the bike, you must be cautious of your battery use and replace it when needed, without much delay. Get your bike's battery checked regularly so that you know when it is time to replace them and you are not caught off guard.
  7. Keep an Eye on Your Bike Tyres
    Tyre health is crucial to the rider's comfort and more importantly, safety. Unlike a four-wheeler, two-wheeler driving relies on the balance and control of the rider. Bad tyres can make the rider lose both, creating a dangerous situation on the road. Maintain air pressure in tyres and a regular check for the signs of wear and tear. Replace bad, worn-out tyres on time for a safe riding experience.
  8. Keep the Air Filter Clean
    Many people do not get to realize the importance of a clean air filter for the bike's good performance. Accumulation of dirt and other particles on the air filter is harmful to the bike, especially if you use it in congested areas such as an urban area. Maintaining an air filter does not cost much and improves the bike's performance remarkably.
  9. Monitor Clutch Performance
    Regularly check the clutch of your bike to see if it is too loose or tight for the right functioning. A bad clutch can cause accidents and compromise the rider's safety. If you find out that the clutch is not functioning well, you need to replace it right away or you may find it difficult to move your bike and even bump into walls.
  10.  Keep the Bike Surface Clean
    While taking care of the bike systems, you often forget to pay heed to the cleanliness of the vehicle's surface. The body surface of your bike needs to be cleaned daily for it to sustain its outer finish. When you plan to wash your bike, ensure that your cover its HT coil, silencer, and ignition switch with plastic sheets to avoid any damage to them. Also, ensure that you do not leave your bike exposed in sun for a long and always look for a shade or covered parking to park it for long duration. Excessive sun exposure may dull the appearance of your bike. Always use a microfibre cloth while cleaning your bike for the best results.
    Now that you know of all the important bike parts that need regular maintenance, make sure that you watch out for any signs of wear and tear, and oil level or air pressure variations and fix them before they cause any long-term damage to the bike. Besides, make sure you always have a valid bike insurance cover for added protection. If you make it a habit, it will only be a simple routine to follow. So, follow these and tips and keep your bike ride ready, always.​