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Best White Sand Beaches in The World

​Are you a beach bum who loves to spend vacations getting tanned on the soft sands watching the waves of crystalline waters hit the shore? If yes, consider yourself lucky enough to have landed in the right place. This blog reveals the top 5 white sand beaches across the globe that deserve a visit. 

5 bucket-list white sand beaches in the world. 

1. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, Tahiti
Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia usually known for the black sand beaches it boasts of. But little did you know that you can also find some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches on this island. Make your way to Matira beach in Bora Bora and get surprised at the beauty and white hue of the sands contrasting the azure skies and turquoise water. And the entire set up has the background of palm tree forest. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? So, pack your essentials, book travel insurance online and get ready to soak in the beauty of this enchanting beach on Tahiti. 

2. White Beach, Boracay, Philippines 
Not adding White Beach to the best white sand beaches in the world would be unfair. Boracay island in the Philippines flaunts several white sand beaches that attract thousands of beach lovers from inside and outside of the country. The island is renowned for the serene and relaxing ambiance and the White Beach is the most popular one. The combination of sugary sand, crystalline water, and tranquility feels surreal. The beach is certainly worth a visit for the beach and nature lovers. To keep yourself protected against travel risks, make sure to buy a travel insurance for Philippines.​

3. Playa Pilar, Cuba 
The Caribbean is known for the sunny weather and of course the picturesque beaches. So, get done with your travel insurance and spend your beach vacation leisurely on one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in Cuba. Playa Pilar, with the clear Caribbean waters and illuminating sands, can certainly be your next destination for tropical vacations. Since Cuba does not receive as many tourists as other Caribbean destinations, the beach is kept unspoiled and its natural beauty is still intact. Moreover, the visitors can also spot the nation's classic 1950’s cars running behind the beach. 

4. Whitehaven Beach, Australia
It is quite obvious to mention Australia’s Whitehaven Beach on the list. Located on the Whitsunday Islands in the heart of the great barrier reef, this is one of the most talked-about beaches in Australia. The long white strip of sand stretched along crystal clear waters is the most photographed beach and offers jaw-dropping scenery, especially when seen from a helicopter. The bird’s eye view of this beach is sure to mesmerize you. Apart from spending your day leisurely at the beach, you can also take snorkeling and diving tours to add the fun factor. To keep yourself protected against travel risks, make sure to buy an Australia Travel Insurance

5. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii 
Hawaii itself is a wonderful beach destination home to clear waters and soft pristine sands and Kauna’oa Bay is one of the famous beaches located on its biggest island. The beach has millions of tropical fishes and offers great opportunities to snorkel, and hence it is advised to take underwater cameras and snorkeling equipment along. 

Excited? Wait no more, book your ticket to any of the above destinations and enjoy a beachy holiday with your loved ones, and oh, don’t forget to enroll in the travel insurance​ beforehand.