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Best countries to visit for a two-week holiday in 2022

​Are you tired of being cooped up at home because of the fluctuating COVID-19 situation across the world? Well, the time has come to buy travel insurance online, pack your bags, and take off to your dream destination. With the easing of global travel restrictions, more and more countries are opening their doors to foreign tourists. Also, it is time to compensate for all the lost time and plan an elaborate two-week holiday somewhere exotic.

If you agree with us and plan to drop everything to go on a longish trip abroad, then here are some awesome suggestions. But before that, remember, irrespective of the chosen destination, safeguard your trip with a robust travel insurance policy.

Now, here are the destination options for a two-week-long holiday in 2022.

1)    Mexico: Mexico City

Mexico city is synonymous with its vibrant nightlife. Along with that, this hugely popular tourist destination offers a range of cuisines to satiate your palate. Moreover, the town has a lot to offer to art lovers by way of museums and festivals.

When in Mexico City, do take a tour of the Xochimilco floating gardens. Besides, you should ride on a hot air balloon over the Teotihuacan pyramids. Get travel insurance to make your trip stress-free.

2)    The Caribbean: Grenada

The Grenada experience is all about exploring its famous chocolate factories and getting a taste of other Grenadian specialities. Head to the Dodgy Dock at the True Blue Ray Resort to get your fill of lambie (conch) and oildown, which is a breadfruit stew prepared with meat and coconut milk.

A visit to Paradise beach in Carriacou, rated as the best in the Caribbean, should not be missed. But, with good travel insurance cover. Moreover, Grenada is home to the world's first-ever underwater sculpture park, where you can sign up for diving and snorkelling sessions.

You cannot predict when accidents will occur. Thus, it helps to compare the travel insurance online plans and purchase the one that best matches your requirements.

3)    Canada: Alberta

Alberta should be high up on your travel list this year for various reasons. You can learn about its rich historical past or explore its fascinating parks during your time there. As an art lover, a stopover at its museums and festivals is an absolute must. Also, with the daylight hours in Alberta stretching from 0530 hours to 2230 hours, you need not worry about night setting in early. However, make sure to invest in travel insurance online for added safety.

Take the walking tour that the Queer History Project organizes for mapping the 27 noteworthy landmarks. More so, on board the Vacations by Rail, you can soak in the sights of the picturesque Rocky mountains. Cycling around the Bow Valley Parkway and registering for a river tour with Urban River adventures are other activities to engage in when in Alberta. Most of these activities will be covered by your travel insurance.

4)    Central and South America: Huacachina, Peru

Travellers describe Huacachina in Peru as a hidden gem and a true oasis in the desert because of its scenic views. A dry coastal desert town, Huacachina houses the world's second highest sand dune. Most people plan a trip to Peru to explore Machu Picchu. However, for a well-rounded trip do not miss Huacachina.

Furthermore, the 3860-feet Cerro Blanco desert promises a host of thrilling adventures such as jeep rides, sand boarding, dune buggy rides and more. Consult with your insurer if your travel insurance covers these activities or not.

5)    Europe: Paris

This is a very good time to visit Paris. One of the reasons is the reopening of The Hôtel de la Marine museum. It was closed in the 1800s. The reopened museum houses Mimosa, a newly-opened restaurant run by Michelin-featured chef Jean François Piège.

The reopening of the Musée de la Chasse et de La Nature, the Art Deco, Samaritaine, and the Art Nouveau departmental store are other reasons to visit Paris. Also, art enthusiasts have the new Bourse de Commerce art museum, where they can immerse in historic renditions for hours. However, remember to buy travel insurance when travelling to Paris.

Also, do not miss visiting the iconic Ritz Paris, Indian-themed Juggad, and La Petite Epicerie de la Tour restaurants in Paris.

6)    Africa and the Middle East: Jordan

Jordan is the best for solo travel around the Middle East region. However, safeguard your trip by getting robust travel insurance online. Start by touring Amman and its lively sidewalks. Proceed southwards of the city to land up at the Dead Sea, where you can stay afloat to your heart's content. Only be careful to not get any water in your mouth when doing so.

Do not leave Jordan without exploring its desert regions. Wadi Rum is the best place to camp under the stars in the deserts. Book yourself in at the Captain's Camp to relish authentic Jordanian Barbeques, spend the night in a cave, or go dancing with the staff.  Travel insurance will cover you in these situations. Early morning, head to Petra. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Opt for travel insurance when planning your Jordanian tour so that you can enjoy a stress-free trip.

7)    Asia and Oceania: Kyoto, Japan

Get a taste of Japanese culture in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Among the newly-opened restaurants in Kyoto are the Marufukuro Hotel, The Shinmonzen, and Hotel the Mitsui.

Interestingly, Kyoto has taken the pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050. As part of its efforts towards this initiative, the city is taking steps to prevent over tourism via a newly-appointed consulting arm of the Tourism Board. Also, the Kyoto City Tourism Association has mounted live cameras across the city. This helps to check the traffic congestion levels before planning your trips around the city. Travel insurance will cover other aspects of your trip.

In Kyoto, do not miss a visit to the striking golden palace—Kinkaku-Ji. Additionally, try the cool izakayas, which are available in all its nooks and corners.

While you should have fun on your vacays, always know about your travel insurance online options to safeguard yourself against unpredictable medical and accident expenses. Travel insurance online is your best companion in the foreign land.