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Benefits of Staying at a Friend’s Place on Abroad Trip

Travelling untangles all the knots in your brain and makes you feel rejuvenated. According to the latest research, you should go on vacations to keep you feeling upbeat and refreshed at work. Travelling makes you feel happy and enhance your mental health as you relax and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. But, everything comes with a cost. Literally!

Travelling abroad can be expensive, and if you don't plan the journey, it can really create a ruckus. Lodging is one of the most important things on vacation. You try to find an affordable and clean spot for your stay so that you can spend your time in peace. Lodging makes up a large part of any travel budget. But, what if we tell you there is an excellent way of trimming down these expenses. While travelling abroad, if you choose to stay at your friend's/relative's place, then you can significantly cut down your travel budget.

Here are some advantages of staying with friend's/relative's place while travelling abroad-

Free lodging

You will save a good amount of money while staying at your friend's place. Lodging even at a hostel can cost you around twenty to twenty-five dollars per night.

Free and Healthy Meals

One of the biggest concerns we have while visiting a foreign country is what kind of food we will get. A lot of people fall sick by eating outside, and you can avoid this situation by staying at your relative's place. Apart from getting a healthy meal, you will save a lot of money as well. However, you should remember that polite houseguest's chip in for groceries. So, go ahead and make a list!

Insider Travel Tips

Hiring a guide to visit the local tourist's spots can be expensive. Whereas, if you have a host in the country, you will get the best insight of the shops, restaurants and tourist attractions in the town, without spending a single penny. Also, no travel guidebook can give you the insider tips your hosts can provide.

Transportation Assistance

There's a fair chance that your host will come to pick you up from the airport, train station or bus terminal whenever you arrive. You can even use their car to go around the city for sightseeing, thereby saving transportation expenses.

Emergency Help

Travelling to a foreign country is fun! But, what if you lose something valuable or get lost in the middle of a crowded market. Undoubtedly, having a host on the foreign land is comforting. You can call your hosts if things go wrong.

However, you should keep a few things in mind while staying at your host's place. Firstly, it's necessary to be thoughtful. You should offer to help your hosts with groceries, gas money and chores. Take them for dinner or ask them to tag along when you go shopping or sightseeing, provided they are free. Also, choose to stay with the people you genuinely enjoy being with and ensure they feel the same way about you. Lastly, don't overstay. Agree on arrival and departure dates and maintain the same. Unless an emergency arises, stick to your planned travel schedule. Ask your hosts to visit you, and welcome them warmly with open arms when they arrive.

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