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Beginners Guide to Yoga

​Yoga could be explained as an art which gives an individual peace of mind and body. It is the combination of art and science of healthy living.  

According to Indian History, it is believed that the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual conscience and the universal conscience. In scientific language, it is the union of mind and body to attain self-realization. Along with the benefits of yoga get a health insurance to secure the life you live. 

How to Practice Yoga

Yoga should be performed barefoot on a yoga mat in a good posture. It requires clothes that can stretch and move freely. Putting up a comfortable outfit is a necessary part of doing yoga, there must be no strain on the body. 

Basic Poses of Yoga

Child’s Pose-
This is a relaxing pose which stretches the back and neck. It is used to enhance focus. One sit’s on ground with leg folded and then touches the ground with stretched hands, stretching the back as well.


A plan helps in building strength in the abdomen area and to the core. It also helps with endurance. One simply lies on their folded elbow resisting body to touch the ground. It is good for building abs and strength of the upper body. 

Cobra Pose-

The back being pose helps in stretching the neck and back muscles. One lies on their abdomen and then stretches the upper half of the body. It increases body flexibility. 

Tree pose-

It builds strength, balance and core endurance. Standing on one leg with hands joined helps in achieving the balance. It strengthens claves, ankles and spine.  

Corpse Pose-

This is the end pose which is the relaxation pose. It makes easier for the person to feel meditative and relaxed. The yoga pose includes lying flat on the back. 

How often should one do Yoga?

Generally, Yoga should be done daily in the morning if possible. It brings peace to the mind and body and keeps your day healthy. However even if yoga is practiced even 3 or more times in a week, it results in significant improvements in the overall balance and strength.

Benefits from Yoga 

Yoga as a scientific practice has numerous benefits that affect you both physically and mentally.

  1. ​Blood Pressure:-

    Yoga reduces the strain in the body and the increased blood circulation leads to oxygenation
  2. Increased Immunity:-

    Yoga and immunity are two things which go hand in hand together
  3. Improves Posture:-

    Yoga is believed to improve your posture and also cure many postural deformities. The core nature of Yoga is to teach you to control your body.
  4. Everyone has to get old someday but it's better to face this phase gracefully and happily without pain, not before time. Yoga helps you detox, removing certain toxic waste from the body delays ageing. 

After doing Yoga you will achieve the balance, relaxation and discipline in life. Always remember that Yoga is not about pushing your limits, it's about achieving the balance of physical and mental strength. Also, make sure to buy health insurance to add up to your healthy lifestyle.

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