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Basic Adjustments to make your Two Wheeler more Efficient

Small adjustments to get more power from your motorcycle

The best way to escape and unwind all your stresses is a long, peaceful bike ride. The sense of freedom one feels on a bike is unmatched. There's something about bike rides. When you get ready wearing leather jacket, leather gloves, and boots, you look nothing less than a celebrity. Whether or not you're looking for the Brad Pitt or John Abraham effect, motorcycles take you one step closer to cool.

Most bikers are really close to their bike, and they make it a point to take good care of their machine. To ensure the performance of the motorcycle remains top-class, they spend good time in the maintenance of their bike.

However, we all know that the performance of a bike depends on several factors. A well-maintained bike is a smart choice for most of the riders, but some of them need few extra horses out of their companion. Here are a few small adjustments you can do to your bike to get more power from it-

Air Filter

The easiest and the most economical method to boost the performance of your motorcycle are placing an aftermarket mushroom head/ performance air filter in your bike. This aftermarket air filter offers an optimal balance of air filtration and amplified airflow for better performance. An air filter is the most inexpensive component in your bike that helps the engine get more air and burn excess fuel to generate more power. However, the flip side of this modification may be increased consumption of fuel, resulting out of thinned air mixture.

Carburettor Tuning & ECU Mapping

One of the best ways to increase the performance of your bike is by tuning your carburettor.  A pre-tuned performance carburettor works best when combined with a performance air filter and exhaust system.  

ECUs are used in motorcycles that are technologically sounder and use components like fuel injection. You can program the controller through a laptop as it acts similar to carburettor tuning performed by technicians on older bikes. ECU mapping takes precision and is more expensive than carburettor tuning.

Switching Your Exhaust

Altering your exhaust system has two benefits- it enhances your bike's performance, appearance, and sound. It also reduces the weight of your bike, which in turn results in gaining a few horsepower. Installing aftermarket exhausts​ is a better option as they are made of sturdy materials like carbon-fibre, titanium, and other lightweight materials. However, you should make sure it's designed to fit and work correctly on your motorcycle. Make sure you are lubricating the bike's chain properly and maintaining the right air pressure in your tyres to get the maximum benefit out of your motorcycle's altered parts.

We understand that you want maximum performance from your bike. However, you should also ensure that any modifications you made on the bike should suit it and shouldn't harm any other functioning in it. Lastly, don't forget to have an active two wheeler insurance policy for your motorcycle. Failing to have a bike insurance policy can get you in trouble. As per the latest MVA, 2019, an uninsured bike attracts a fine of Rs. 2000 and/ or imprisonment of 3 months. We wish you safe riding!