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Car Maintenance Tips to Save Money

​Your car is one of your most, if not the most cherished and valued possessions. Buying your own car is still a dream shared by many of us. And when we finally buy our dream car, we take care of it with our heart and soul. This really shouldn’t come off as a surprise since buying a car is a significant investment on our part. 

It is no secret that when choosing the car, there are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration. One of them and possibly one of the most important one among them is maintenance. A car has a lot of moving parts. In order to run at its optimum, it needs proper care and regular maintenance. With the onset of monsoon, this it has acquired more importance. Out of lethargy and other reasons, many car owners tend to neglect this part and end up spending a lot of their hard earned cash in repairs. In order to ensure you don’t fall victim to this, let’s take a look at some car maintenance tips that will save your money.

  • ​Keep an eye on the dash lights
There is an array of lights or small indicators on the car dashboard that give us a lot of information about the car. Some of the indicators include parking brake, engine oil, door open signal, electrical/electronic malfunction and so on. It is essential to keep an eye on them and rectify the concerned issue immediately. Ignoring them will only lead to bigger issues and high-cost repairs later.

  • Monitor the engine oil
As mentioned earlier, a car has many moving parts. Moving parts result in friction that damages them over time. Engine oil is the lifeblood of the car that lubricates them and ensures smooth functioning. Keeping a watch on the engine oil helps prevent damage due to wear and tear that can result in parts getting completely damaged. If the engine oil becomes critically low, it will severely impact the engine leaving you stranded on the road with a huge bill that will burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Rotate the tyres
This is an incredible hack for the car tyres that many of us aren’t aware of. The tyres are the car parts that face the most wear and tear as they are in direct contact with the road. Rotating the tyres ensures proper alignment so that they wore out evenly making them last longer.

  • Check all fluids
Make sure to check fluids such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, steering fluid and so on. They all play a crucial role in maintaining the car efficiently which helps save on costly repairs.​

In addition to the above, car ins​urance is a must to save money in the long run. With vehicle insurance, you secure yourself from the financial troubles arising out of theft and damage. If your policy is due for renewal, do it on priority since car insurance renewal is now possible online in just a matter of minutes.