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5 Hacks For Riding Your Bike Hassle Free

​Motorcycles are the kind of vehicle we all need. The ability of a motorbike to drive through the traffic smoothly opens up a lot more opportunities which are not possible by a car. Being one of the greatest inventions of the automobile industry, motorbike riding does come with a few challenges. There are a lot of safety instructions which come along with riding a bike; one of them is having bike insurance. Insurance will help you avoid any financial crisis in case you get into an accident while driving on the road. 

Having insurance is a mandatory document while driving on the road. However, you can opt for a comprehensive policy if you need extensive coverage and with add-ons, you will be able to design the right policy for your needs. Buy bike insurance before embarking on any journey. Some tips to follow for better safety while driving on the road are. 

Bike hacks for two-wheeler riders

Wear Gloves: You have often have seen many bike riders travelling regularly wearing gloves. If your palm gets sweaty, it is better to wear gloves for better grip. While leather gloves are a great option for daily use, you can also keep a plastic pair handy specifically for the rainy season. Wear them under the leather gloves to keep your hands dry.  

Using a can on a slippery surface

A bike is heavy should be parked on the solid surface. There could be a trickier time when you may have to park your vehicle on mud or grass. In these situations, a soft drink can be helpful in parking the bike the right way. All you need to do is to park your bike's side stand on it. It will keep the stand and bike both in the upright position.

Keep ties or ropes for the luggage

You must carry extra ropes if you are carrying luggage on your bike. It is particularly for those travellers who make long journeys with their bike. In case there is no anchor point, use strong cords or heavy ropes. These ropes can be toed under the bike's seat to prevent them from falling. 

Using magnetic tape

Today we all use Google maps to travel to different destination. We all must have been in a situation where Google maps have had betrayed us. While driving on a remote location, Google is always not the right option that you should go for. Write directions on appearing before embarking on the journey. Stick this direction on your bike's tank with the magnetic tape. This old school way may save you from taking a wrong turn in a remote location. 

Do not use front brake first

While driving on the road, there will be a time when you will need to pull the brakes suddenly. However, never use the front brakes first. When you slam the front brakes hard while speeding the brakes may get locked and you can be thrown off the bike. Hence, be attentive while diving the bike and use the rear brakes first.