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What Does Flattening The Curve Mean?

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has led to the term ‘Flattening the Curve’ entering the common parlance. These days a number of people are talking about this term and this does not include just the high level global health care professionals but also policy makers and business leaders. The catch is that while many people are brandishing about the term, not many people are actually aware of what it means and how can ‘flattening the curve’ help. Here is a small attempt to help you understand the meaning and effectiveness of the term and the concept behind it. 

Understanding the Curve:

The curve that the health care professionals including doctors and medical insurance industry experts are talking about is the graph representation of the number of people who will get infected by the Corona virus and plots how many infections will take place over what period of time. As it depends upon the rate of Corona virus infections, the curve can take a number of shapes. If too many infections take place the curve will rise very fast and overtake the capacity of medical support available. This will unfortunately mean too much loss of life.

Flattening the Curve:

At its very basic level, the concept of flattening the curve means that the government and people have to slow down the speed at which people get infected by Corona virus. By slowing down the speed of infections, the health care providers and health insurance providers will be able to scale up their capacity and level the bar of health care availability and thus be able to save many more lives.  

Advantages of flattening the curve:

As you may have understood by now that flattening the curve is the only way to go, here are some of its advantages:

  • It prevents unnecessary loss of life.
  • It allows doctors and scientists to better understand the virus.
  • It allows ramping up the production of PPE kits, masks, medical equipment etc.
  • It allows the economy to chug along at a slow but steady pace.
  • It allows health insurance providers to better serve their clients.

  • How can you help in flattening the curve? 

    You as an individual and as a family unit can help a lot in flattening the curve. The first and foremost way is to stay indoors for as much time as you can. Do not step out of you house for as long as you can. Try to do all your shopping online. Vegetables and fruits should be purchased once a week. Fresh milk generally lasts for 3 days. Buy 3 or more day’s supply at once and you are good to stay in home. Buy groceries etc online. Pay bills online. 

    If you have any not purchased health insurance, now is the time to buy health insurance online​. Where ever you go, maintain a distance of at least six feet from people. This is known as the concept of social distancing. If you have to step out, wear a mask that covers you mouth and nose properly. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you all the time. And every time you come back to home from outside, ensure that you wash your hands and face carefully. 

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