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New vs Second Hand: Which Car To Buy After Lockdown

​On New Year’s Eve of 2019, the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China. Nobody would have thought that this will change the world entirely. It only took 3 months for coronavirus to spread all across the globe. World Health Organisation declared its global pandemic in the first week of March 2020. There was and still is no cure available and the only way to reduce the spread of coronavirus was lockdown. Major countries across the globe including India implemented lockdown. In India, it lasted for 3 months. However, there are still some states where lockdown is still in process. People are now becoming more aware of personal hygiene. Regular handwash, face mask, and maintaining social distance have become a necessary thing of the post-COVID-19 world. 

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in the world. What was considered normal, in the post coronavirus world it is considered as taboo. Today we are going to talk about one such thing. According to studies, people in a post-COVID-19 world might prefer used cars over the new one. There are certain reasons for that, and we are going to discuss today. But one thing you should know that no matter what car you buy, you need to insure it with a motor insurance policy​. There are two main reasons why people will prefer a used car over a new car in the post-COVID world: 

Health Concerns

Because of the global pandemic and lockdown, the lifestyle of many people has changed. Maintaining a social distancing is one of the most important things that everyone is following these days. So, people will surely not prefer public transport to travel as health and safety are the top priority these days. That’s is why people will buy more cars in the future. As commuting via own vehicle will be more preferable once the lockdown is lifted completely. But why an old car and not a new car? The second reason will surely answer your question.

Financial Saving 

Lockdown is the reason behind the shutdown of many businesses. As a result of which many people have lost their lives and are living on their savings. Especially, daily wage workers. All in all, due to coronavirus pandemic, our economy has taken a big dip. Not only India’s economy, but the world’s economy is on a verge of collapse. Many economists and financial pundits have predicted that for the next few years the global financial crisis will be at the peak. That is why people are thinking more about their spending habits. And buying a used car is a smart move. With buying an old car, you not only can travel in your own vehicle without worrying about the germs and all, but you can also save some money. This saved money can be used in the time of crisis or to renew car insurance online. You can put your money to good use while enjoying the safety of commuting at an affordable price. 

The reasons mentioned above showcases that people prefer used cars more than new cars. Before you go to buy the used car, make sure you do thorough research on your car provider.