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Driving Without Motor Insurance ? Get Ready To Be Booked


​Ahmedabad, Oct, 28, 2014

Have you insured your vehicle? If not, then you are under the radar of cops. As reported by one of the leading English News Portal, Ahmedabad Traffic Police will be now on toes to book you for driving without a motor insurance. The report also stated that together with local police, RTO and transport department; traffic police will run a drive across the state between November 6 to November 20, ‘to ensure proper and legal movement of traffic in the state’.

Speaking to the news portal, some police officials said that for the first time, “DGP PC Thakur on Wednesday in video conference with police commissioners, district police chiefs, RTO and transport department officials had a detailed discussion on how to improve traffic in the state and curb accidents.”
Further, commenting on the outcome of the conference, Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police, Shivanand Jha said, "we have instructed the traffic department to intensify its action against commuters who don't use helmets and seatbelts, along with vehicle insurance checking.”.
Speaking on the similar lines, Joint Commissioner of Police (traffic) Hare Krishna Patel told the portal that vehicle owners and / or drivers who don't have auto insurance for their vehicles will be penalised and the case will be sent to court. "There are a lot of commuters who doesn't have insurance or who have not renewed it on expiry," added Patel.
Meanwhile, the traffic department will also observe Road Accident Victim Commemoration Week during the third week of November. "We will share the grief of family members of people who died in road accidents," Patel told the portal.