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Why Coronavirus Insurance Is Not A Replacement For Regular Health insurance?

​Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus all around the globe, several reputable insurance companies are offering a coronavirus health insurance plan. The way this outbreak is infecting people in our country, having a COVID-19 health insurance cover seems essential. However, some people mistake it for the replacement of your regular health insurance policy.

Due to current situation, many reputable insurance companies offer coronavirus specific health plans, but it only provides coverage if the policyholder is infected with COVID-19. Whereas, your regular health insurance covers all the finances related to medical treatments requiring hospitalization. Both insurance plans are different. Today we are going to talk about why a coronavirus health insurance plan is not a replacement for a regular health insurance plan. And we will do it with the help of difference between the features of the two. 

Difference between Coronavirus Health insurance And Regular Health Insurance

Coronavirus health insurance provides coverage that will help you financially, if you test positive for COVID-19. This health insurance will provide you with quality medical care and takes care of hospitalization bills if you are diagnosed with coronavirus. Whereas, regular health insurance plan offers financial support to the policyholder in case of a medical emergency. It will take care of medical expenses and hospitalization bills against any disease that is covered in the policy’s terms and conditions. 

Features Of Coronavirus Health Insurance: 

  • If you test positive for the virus, this health insurance will offer a lump sum amount up to 100% of the sum assured. Even in the quarantine period, the plan offers 50% of the sum insured.
  • To claim coronavirus health insurance, you don’t need to provide hospitalization bills.
  • Anyone between the age group of 3 months to 60 years can get coverage. Sum assured can be Rs 20,000/- for a premium of Rs 200/-, or Rs 2,00,000/- for the premium of Rs 2,500/-.
  • This policy will only be available for a limited period, which means only for a year and it can’t be renewed.
  • You only need to wait for 15 days before you can claim against the policy.
  • As an additional benefit, COVID-19 health insurance will also cover any loss of pay or job.

  • Features Of Regular Health Plan:

  • You and your family will be financially secure in case of a medical emergency against several disease.
  • With a health insurance policy, you will be eligible of getting cashless treatment for any of your insurer’s network hospitals.
  • You will get a daily allowance for the time you will spend in the hospital.
  • Under section 80 D of Income Tax Act, 1961, you will get tax benefits towards the premium paid.

  • Coronavirus health insurance is only offered by insurance companies to provide coverage against people who are diagnosed with COVID-19. It doesn’t provide coverage against any other disease. Whereas, your regular health insurance policy provides you coverage against several chronic diseases. So, you should buy coronavirus health insurance, but keep in mind that it is not the replacement for regular health insurance. The features and benefits of ​ coronavirus health insurance​ is only limited to COVID-19. If you are buying a new health insurance plan, you will get COVID-19 cover, as per the recommendation of IRDAI. So, don’t confuse yourself.