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​​Scooters have always been considered as a traditional mode of transportation used by people, a decade ago. With time, we too have developed some urge to look modern or to fit in the fast-growing modern society. Visiting a friend's house by a scooter looks very awkward to us. But what if you get a conventional scooter, with more space, power package, and a super look. You will choose these types of Super scooters over the traditional one, these are called Maxi-Scooters.

Maxi scooters are the bigger version of the scooter fitted with a big engine popped into a scooter frame. These machines are more comfortable, have space and storage, as well as being suited to the longer distance of riding capacity. Maxi-scooter has an engine that displaces anywhere between 250cc to 850cc. It also has a windshield and sufficient storage space for the luggage and other necessary items.

Some of the Super Maxi- Scooters are as follows:-

Honda NSS300 Forza

Honda NSS300 has a 279cc engine that makes the riding enjoyable. It contains plenty of kits such as an electrically adjusted screen, keyless ignition, traction control, and more under-seat storage than its predecessor. This is a superb maxi-scooter.

Kymco Xciting S 400 ABS

It has an adjustable screen. It also has a parking brake, rider's backrest, and a motor that makes more power than most of the other bikes in this class.

Suzuki Burgman 400

The Suzuki Burgman 650 has been considered by many riders to be the ultimate maxi-scooter, but it's only available to those having a full category A license.

Yamaha XMAX 400

The engine with the capacity of 395cc XMAX 395cc offers lots of performance. It has twin front discs and it also has a parking brake as standard.


BMW C650 GT is big and powerful and also has useful touches like a power-adjustable windscreen, blind-spot alert, and loads of storage. Its quality is too good.

Manufacturers are not planning to bring the Maxi-Scooters to India. Maxi-scooters are very popular in European markets, and in countries like Italy and Spain where people have a big motorcycling craze and a lot of open roads as compared to that of India.  If you have got 'Disasters occur without a warning', so if the roads are slippery do not hesitate in riding rather choose your safety riding safely. This could be possible if you own a scooter insurance policy, which safeguards your vehicle from all types of major and minor accidents and scratches.

Everything nowadays has become so expensive that if you want to repair the damages of your two-wheeled vehicle, you'll end up spending a lot more than your capacity. The insurance protection policy applies to the below-mentioned pointers:-

  • Against the damage caused due to the burglary, theft, riots, blasts.
  • You can apply for insurance in case of damage caused to the vehicle due to naturally caused disasters.
  • If you (rider) met with an accident
  • The third-party injuries​​

  • Always go for double research before choosing any insurance plan for your vehicle. Avoid visiting the markets for purchasing insurance for your vehicle, you can buy scooter insurance online as well. Choose the best and bring it home!