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Safety Tips and Precautions for US travel

​United States of America or simply referred to as US or America, is one of the superpowers in the world and it is famous for its influence over Finance, Culture, Trade, military, politics and technology.

It comprises of 50 states and 5 territories and a federal district. USA is considered as a dream place for one and all due to its cultural acceptance of people of all caste and creed.

Since it being a superpower, it gives lots of hope to people who want to make big money. Eventually the crime rate scene and use of drugs and other narcotics substances is always high in some parts of America.

So, if you are travelling to United States for fun or leisure or for some personal purpose, it is always very important to avail a good travel insurance policy which safeguards the interests of the individual and associated family members in terms of crime related instances or loss of passport or some other official documents, or loss of expensive personal possessions like Smart phones or high value laptops.

It is always necessary to take proper precaution of such valuable items in the possession because losing them can be a nightmare and cause major stress and trauma for the traveler.

Since no major thefts are reported at airports, but it is always important to keep proper tag of the baggage, for their loss may result in undue stress. It is always important to buy a travel insurance plan if you are travelling to USA which takes care of such unforeseen circumstances and may be a problem later on for there are many things which may not be covered by a travel insurance policy.

It is also very advisable to avoid night travel in US if you are alone for there are many cases of car jacking or related crimes reported from certain neighborhoods in US. If you are visiting someone in the US, it is recommended that you do not travel alone and always be someone who knows the place relatively well for many major cities like New York top in robbery and mugging incidents. At some places, the crime rate is relatively high.

Since it is one of the superpower in the world and a place of hope to many, there are many crime related activities like robbery, mugging, prostitution is on the rise, use of drugs and other substances. Similarly there is rise in Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and HIV. United States of America has cases of anxiety, depressions, and mental disorders on higher side. So, if you are travelling to USA, and if you end up contracting AIDS or HIV or some mental disorders as a result of depression or anxiety, then such issues are not covered by the travel insurance policy. ​