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The Rise of Respiratory Diseases Due to Pollution

​Are you also prone to respiratory diseases? If yes then this is for you! Cold weather has knocked on our doors and with this, we would be welcoming body shivering cold breeze. Being the coolest season of all, the Winter season is not at all cool and as suitable as it looks. This season brings a lot of respiratory illnesses with it. These seasonal respiratory diseases are contagious and can spread very easily. Young children and old people are more vulnerable to get affected by these respiratory problems, therefore they especially need some precaution when going out.

Types of respiratory diseases:-

Common Cold- It can be caused by over 200 viruses. It is highly contagious and is transmitted from person-to-person through the air or frequently touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

  • RSV-
  • Often called Respiratory Syncytial Virus-It may lead to more severe illness) in newborn babies.

  • Influenza (Flu) –
  • It possesses similar symptoms but is more severe than those seen with the common cold.

  • Sinusitis-
  • The infections caused by the viral infections in the respiratory passages lead to the swelling of the mucous membrane thus producing extra mucous.

  • Bronchitis-
  • It is a respiratory disease caused by different viruses. The viruses cause inflammation in the tiny passages to the lungs, it swells up and fills with mucous. It is the most severe respiratory disease of all.

  • Pneumonia-
  • Pneumonia is a bacterial infection where the air pockets in the lungs, called alveoli, become inflamed and fill with fluid thus avoiding the passage of oxygen through it.

  • Whooping Cough-
  • It is named for the whooping sound that affected children make when inhaling deeply following a coughing fit. About 50% of infants under one year of age including newborn babies sometimes need to be hospitalized for the treatment of whooping cough.

  • Croup-
  • It generally lasts for a week. Croup can frequently be seen in 2-year-old babies, it is also called a barking cough.

    According to the  State of Global Air 2020, long-term exposure to polluted air is the main reason for about 1.67 million annual deaths. These death rates are slowly and gradually increasing post-Diwali during the pandemic 'Corona'. People died from a heart attack, diabetes, lung cancer, lung diseases, and other respiratory diseases in India in the year 2019. The report says that about 1.16 lakh infants lost their lives in the very first month of life in 2019 just because they were exposed to outdoor pollution and the poor air quality index took their lives.  ​

    Whether you are living in a healthy environment or not, you should always take care of the basics for securing your health. There are many measures such as wearing a mask whenever you visit outdoors, using air filters at home, avoid being out for a long time, and the inevitable part is taking health insurance for keeping your body fit. This insurance would help against critical illnesses and can also help in minimizing financial risks during some medical emergencies. It would also help you when you have less money to pay at times of sudden casualties. The best way to avoid your exposure to the chaotic outer world and saving you from Covid-19 is to search for the best-suited plans for your health. Once you are pretty sure about the plan, you can buy the same for you as well as for your loved ones and you can recommend the same to your friend too.

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