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Must Read for Schengen Country Travelers

​There are several countries where carrying a valid travel insurance is mandatory. It is necessary to carry a Schengen ​travel insurance policy​​in Schengen countries. If you frequently visit any of the Schengen countries, it is ideal to go for Schengen visa as it makes it easier for you to travel to those countries without applying for individual visas for each country. A Schengen visa is perfect for those who plan to visit multiple European countries in one go.

If you want to obtain a visa for the particular country, you can start by visiting the consulate of the same country located in your city. If you cannot figure out your main destination, the country where you are travelling first will be responsible for providing you with a valid visa.

If you are visiting a Schengen country, you must remember that valid travel insurance is mandatory as it is instrumental while applying for a Schengen visa. A travel insurance policy is essential as it covers the costs related to medical treatment, emergency medical assistance and transportation to the nearest medical centre.

A valid travel insurance policy for anyone who travels to a Schengen country has been made mandatory since 2004. No visa will be issued to a person travelling to a Schengen country if the person does not have a travel insurance policy.

Who requires travel insurance?
People who have a Schengen visa for a shorter duration need a valid travel insurance policy. People who are on a holiday or a business meeting or to attend a wedding fall under this category. People who are going from one state of a Schengen country to another do not need a travel insurance policy as they belong to one.
All Schengen countries are in Europe but not all European countries come under the category of Schengen countries.  The list of Schengen countries are as follows –
The Netherlands

If you are buying a travel insurance policy for a Schengen country from India itself, you need to make sure that your policy meets these requirements –

Medical coverage of minimum thirty thousand Euros
Medical repatriation costs
The insurance policy must be shown to the consulate along with other identity documents to start the visa applications.

Not just a Schengen country, one must carry a travel insurance policy to any country as it is really useful in times of sudden medical emergency or any other travel related incidents.