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​There's a lot of beautiful destinations in the world to be explored. And, we are so excited to see that you are finally taking your first step towards it. No matter how much you've travelled in your home country, there's always something evenly enthralling about making your first trip overseas. Travelling to a country with an entirely new culture, language, and traditions are undoubtedly exciting, but can also be a bit scary and confusing. However, your foreign trip doesn't have to be scary at all! There are a few basic yet essential things that you should keep arranged while visiting aboard.

One such essential elements to keep in mind is insuring your trip with a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy is your best buddy when you are on a foreign land with very less idea about the nation. At this point, a travel insurance policy covers you against several unforeseen circumstances like lost passport, lost checked-in baggage, emergency cash assistance, cashless hospitalization, etc.

Most people ignore buying a travel insurance policy when travelling abroad, and if something wrong occurs, they regret not considering it at all. We recommend you covering your trip as it will give you the peace of mind you need on foreign land.

Several countries now want their tourists to have travel insurance, so that they can protect themselves from the financial burden of medical bills left unpaid by travellers. Few countries even don't issue a visa without checking if you have valid travel insurance policy. It is crucial to know your destination's visa laws before arrival. Laws vary from country to country and even keeps on changing frequently. Therefore, you should keep a check on the latest rules before visiting a country.

Here's a list of few countries where travel insurance is mandatory -


If you are planning to visit the USA, then having international travel insurance is essential for ensuring proper medical care. It is because medical treatments can be financially crippling to an individual's financial health in the USA. Therefore, it is vital to select the right insurance policy when visiting the USA.

Schengen countries 

As per the regulations of Schengen visa, an individual must have a travel insurance policy before applying for visa application. You can check schengen travel insurance and get it as per your need.


Thailand is a popular holiday destination for the people who want to relax, explore, or just party. With its beautiful natural scenery, gorgeous beaches, warm weather, and thriving night-life, it ticks all the boxes for a perfect tourist destination. More than 3 billion tourists visit Thailand every year. And, it would be a significant burden for the state government, if they could not pay their medical bills at the hospitals.


UAE is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the Middle East. The country serves a different purpose for different tourist. From exciting night-life to contemporary architectures, UAE has it all. In UAE, the visitors need to have proof regarding their travel insurance along with the essential documents for official check-ups.


Want to visit Antarctica? The only way to visit this ice nation is by a cruise. It is essential to have valid travel insurance that includes medical evacuation and weather cancellation to visit this country.


If you are visiting a Caribbean nation, you need to have comprehensive travel insurance for immigration checking and approval.​​