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Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Car'S Fuel Efficiency

​​​Irrespective of what you drive – an Indian car or a German, a small hybrid or a 3-ton SUV – there are possibilities wherein you can cut down on more kilometers out of each gallon of fuel. The rate at which fuel prices are rising, maintaining an economical mileage of your car might become a difficult task.
However, by following few tips you can save a lot on your fuel and enhance the mileage of your car.
Do not accelerate: More the speed of your car, lesser will be its fuel economy. Thus, just by slowing down your speed you can save a lot on your fuel.
Check the tyres: Before you take your car out for drive, always check the tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres have more rolling resistance, thereby the car requires more fuel to keep moving.
Check your air filter:  Your car engine might be finding it difficult to breath. A soiled or unclean air filter blocks the air flow into the engine, this in turn affects the car's performance. It is very easy to check air filters – take off the filter and hold it up to a source of light. If there is no light coming in through it, then your car needs a new air filter.
Accelerate only when required: When on a driver's seat, keep a good eye on the road. People often accelerate and immediately slow down to avoid accidents or obstacles. Look for potential slowdowns. Accelerating to increase the speed and applying brake right away is waste of fuel.
Enjoy nature's company: Nowadays almost every car comes with air conditioner. However, keeping your car windows open instead of using the artificial cooling system may save a lot on your fuel, provided you are at a lower speed. On contrary, when driving at a higher speed, the A/C may prove to be more efficient.
Discard unwanted stuffs: It is always wise to keep re-looking at the contents in your car. Remove the unwanted stuffs from your car, because more the weight you load in it more fuel you will be burning. Do not load your car with unnecessary items.
Avoid driving: Cars are definitely meant to be driven. However, when it is about travelling a small distance you can always opt for options like public transport and car pooling or even walking. Also, before you take your car out, think if the trip is really necessary!
A car with a good mileage is as good as a new one. The better the condition of your car the better discounts and bonus points you can aim to obtain at the time of your vehicle insurance renewal. So if you want to save on your vehicle insurance, improve your car​​'s fuel efficiency.