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Different Types Of Health Insurance Coverage's In India

​​​It is no less than an irony that though we all agree to the saying "Health is Wealth", we seldom pay heed towards the same. If you do not keep a good health, you cannot enjoy your monetary pleasure or any materialistic pleasure. Therefore, in order to enjoy life, keeping a good health is most important.
It is the responsibility of every individual to take care of his/her health. However, given the fact that life is about surprises and uncertainties, you can never be sure of what may strike you and how. Nevertheless, though you cannot predict the uncertainty, you can definitely prepare yourself for the same. Therefore, in order to protect yourself against medical emergencies you can insure yourself and your family under a family health insurance plan.
It is vital to stay prepared for any health related problem, because a medical emergency might strike you or your family anytime. If you buy health insurance, it will turn out to be the most important tool at the time of a medical emergency.
Health insurance family plan covers the cost of medical treatment for someone who is insured in the policy. Thus at the time of a medical emergency, a health insurance family plan  proves to be of great advantage as it protects the insured from bearing huge medical bills .
There are many health insurance companies offering health insurance family plan. Every insurance company offers a policy with its own unique features. Keeping in mind your and/or your family’s medical needs or probable healthcare requirements, you can classify a health insurance policy broadly in two ways: ​

​1.    Medical Insurance
2.    Critical Illness Insurace
Medical Insurance normally offers coverage on expenses incurred in case of specified medical care or healthcare treatment. Generally a medical insurance and/or a health insurance family plan covers hospitalization of the insured. The expenses towards same is bearded by the insurance company either in form of cashless service or reimbursement.  
Critical Illness Insurance​ covers an individual against chronic diseases like cancer, kidney failure, stroke, etc. In case of critical illness insurance, the insurance company pays the entire sum insured in form of lump-sum to the insured patient following the diagnosis of the name or specified critical illness in the policy. Unlike a medical insurance or a health insurance family plan, you may not be able to buy a single critical illness insurance for your entire family.
Amid the wide range of choice of health insurance family plans available in market, it is very important to be cautious and buy health insurance plan​ which suits your and your family’s need the best way. Therefore, it is very vital to keep a note of policy premium rate, terms and conditions, etc. of the policy.​