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3 reasons why claims get rejected by Health Insurance companies

​​​​​The basic needs of the 21st century include food, clothing, shelter, and health insurance​. Countries such as USA, Canada, Brazil, and UK have already successfully implemented free health policy for its citizens. Unfortunately, due to population problems, India is still miles away from the concept of universal healthcare insurance. Therefore, Indians have to depend on private health insurance companies to cover their medical expenses. If we are placing our trust in Private Insurance companies it is important that we improve our awareness about health plan and reduce the possibility of our claim getting rejected. Hence, kindly go through a few most common reasons why a health claim is rejected by insurance companies:

Let the policy cool off: Every health insurance policy has a cooling off period of 30 days. In other words, in case you make a claim in the first 30 days of your policy it is bound to be rejected. In addition, some diseases or ailments may also have a waiting period of certain time duration. For instance, diseases such as fissure, fistula etc are not covered in the first year of your policy. Please be informed that there is no-one-size-fits-all. These waiting periods are subjective to the companies. This waiting period is to prevent the customer from treating pre-existing diseases.

Pay close attention to exclusions: Not all the diseases and surgeries are covered by your health plan. For instance, cosmetic surgeries, sexually transmitted diseases, dental treatment pregnancy etc are generally not covered by health insurance policies.

Stay clear of breaks in policy: Renew your policy diligently. Any claims during the gap period will be rejected. Moreover, after a break in your policy you would be issued a new policy altogether. i.e. You would lose your no-claim bonus and the waiting period would start again.

Ensure you are aware of these reasons and your health insurance claim​ is never rejected by the company and you get the best mediclaim policy for family​.