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Guide To Save Income Tax during Lockdown

​​Across the globe, people are worried and threatened by the new human enemy, Covid-19 (Coronavirus) which is affecting the global market drastically. All countries are worried about their economies which are getting worse day by day due to this virus. Not only countries but people are also worried as their earning is almost zero due to this pandemic and they have to pay the income tax as well, so they are looking for the available options which help them in saving on their income tax. 

There are multiple options available to save income tax out of which donation in the PM care fund is one of the most popular options. Donate some amount in PM care fund and enjoy the tax benefit under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Apart from this option, people can buy health insurance to save income tax under section 80D. This is one of the best options and has a double benefit as it helps in avoiding unwanted/unexpected expenses of hospitals, in case of any mishappening plus gives direct tax benefit as per income tax act. 

In addition to this, insurance from a trusted company helps in leading a stress-free and healthy life. Medical insurance is must especially for the middle-income group because they have limited source of income and doesn’t have spare money to spend on medical expenses even when it is the time of lockdown when the earning is nil and have financial crunches everywhere. 

Yes finding a good medical insurance agent during this lockdown period is difficult and even not safe because you have to maintain social distancing as well for the safety of yourself as well as for your family. So in this situation, you can buy insurance online on the company’s website. All the companies have online purchase option available on their website and even their call or chat support agents will help you in filling your details form online. 

You can make payment online through debit/credit card, net banking, UPI, and wallet option available on the site. Once the company issues your policy, it will email all policy papers and related documents for your convenience. This type of paperless purchase is also good for the environment. 

As the lockdown is important for the safety and security of you and your family from Covid-19, the same as health insurance is required for the safety of your savings which are affected by unexpected medical bills and unwanted diseases. There are several companies available that are providing medical insurance without asking for too many documents and medical tests. They are just a click away and on their website, you can directly interact with their executives about the plans and premiumsof a policy. 

Apart from this, the agents are educated enough to guide you about the best policy as per your requirement and family needs by asking a few questions about you and your personal life. They have expertise in selling policies online and guiding their customers about the right policy which meets all the requirements. Not only this, but you can also buy health insurance online​ on your own if you know and have the necessary information available with you without taking any help from the company’s agents.