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Getting a Student Travel Insurance During Coronavirus

Student Travel Insurance during COVID 

Studying abroad is an option which a lot of students opt for these days. It will give the ability to explore new places, get new opportunities and have a chance to meet new people around them. However, there are always some risks involved in foreign travel. Everyone is worried about who will help them in times of need, what if something urgent comes up how they will cover all the expenditure. For these critical cases, you need to buy student travel insurance. 

Having insurance will give them financial stability for emergencies and will cover any urgent need that may occur at unexpected moments. There are several plans offered by the insurers, each offering different coverage. The basic plan includes a total loss of check-in luggage, compassionate visit by a family member in case you are ill for more than a week at a hospital, fee coverage in case there is study interruption due to any medical emergency. Further, plans cover medical expenses with limit, as you move ahead increasing the premium amount, the limit of coverage also increases.

The plan is only for students pursuing an academic course with their age between 18 years to 35 years. 

What is covered under the policy?

The insurers have tried to pack in a lot of things whether you are travelling alone or with your family. Things covered under the policy are
  • ​Any body injury due to the accident during the trip
  • Anaesthetist treatment of teeth due to any injury​​​
  • Compensation of death or permanent disability while the person is riding in a common carrier
  • Emergency medical illness incurred while you are aboard due to sudden illness or affliction
  • Reimbursement of the flight ticket of a family member who is visiting you, in case you are ill and hospitalised for seven or more days. 
  • Cost of obtaining a fresh passport in case the previous one is lost 
  • Payment of bail amount to the authority in case you are arrested or detained by a judicial authority for a bailable offence. The act should be unintentional. 
  • Coverage of tuition fees in case the person sponsoring your fee passes away due to an injury
  • Expenses incurred while transporting the mortal remains back home or burial abroad in case of untimely demise.
  • What does the policy not cover?

    There are some situations which are out of the scope of travel insurance. Here are things your student travel insurance won't cover ​
  • A nuclear threat in the country you are travelling to
  • Claim arising due to nay pre-existing illness not reported in the policy documents'
  • No claim will be covered, in case you are travelling against the advice of a physician
  • Injuries due to mental disorder or self-harm are not covered
  • Injury due to Alcohol Drug abuse is not covered
  • HIV/AIDS is also not covered under the travel insurance policy

  • You also have the option to extend your travel insurance if you are planning for a longer stay. As long as you are staying for academic purposes you are eligible to extend your cover for student travel insurance.​​