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​​If you are planning to own a used car, it is a wise decision as you can save a lot of money than buying a new vehicle. However, if you are not careful about your choice, then you may land up in a soup. Here are the 4 tips to purchase a pre-owned car.

Determine your need
This decision depends on two things – size of your family and the budget. If you live in a joint family, you would need an SUV. People living in a nuclear family can opt for a hatchback. Next comes the fuel type. If you are going to use your car on a regular basis for longer distances, a diesel car is your best bet as it may be a little expensive when you buy it but it is really economical in the long run. However, if you are going to drive for a shorter distance, a petrol car is better as the maintenance costs for a diesel car is quite high as compared to a petrol vehicle. Make sure you allocate your budget properly towards the cost of your car and the interior costs. Also, consider the cost of car registration and car policy.

Assess the market
You can start by visiting various used car​ dealers and look for the kind of car you want. You can also consider looking for used cars online. Make a note of the factors that are important before buying a car like the car make, year, model and so on. Choose a car that is not older than 5 years as the maintenance costs would be higher in that case. The distance a car has been driven also matters while buying a vehicle.

Final selection
After narrowing down to a couple of cars, dig deeper into their history as one of them could be your next car. You can ask all sorts of relevant and irrelevant questions to the owner of the car. Has the car ever met with an accident? How many members have driven the car? If you want to know the car better, you can take your mechanic along as he will be in a better position to judge your car. Always check the car in broad daylight as the physical condition is visible better. Lastly, take a test drive on a tough road as it will let you know more about brakes, other sounds/movements and so on.

The paperwork is the key stage
When you are buying a used car, insist on the original documents of the vehicle. RTO receipt, RC book and original invoice are the important documents you need from the owner. You can also obtain the car policy details at this stage and check with the owner whether the premium is paid on time or not. A car insurance policy is your support system in case of a used vehicle. If there is an outstanding loan on the car, ask the owner to pay the loan and obtain an NOC from the finance company.