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Corona Kavach or A Top Up On Existing Health Insurance Plan: Which Is Better?

​During these hard times of pandemic, we all are worried about our health and most people are getting a health insurance plan that covers the treatment for corona virus. IRDAI launched policies designed specifically around COVID-19 apart from this there are many top-up plans which are offered by the health insurance companies as an add on for those who have a health insurance already. 

People generally have two options when thinking about getting a health insurance in time of corona virus. The one is corona kavach policy and​ ​the other is getting an add-on the already existing health insurance plan. Let’s dive into comparison of both the policies to find out which one will suit us best

Corona Kavach Policy

This is a standard health insurance policy which covers all the cost arising due to the treatment of COVID-19. It is a policy available on individual, group and floater basis s well. The sum insured under the policy ranges between 50,000 to 5 Lakhs in multiples of 50,000. It has a waiting period of 15 days with tenure being 3.5 months, 6.5 months and 9.5 months With so many options the policy is highly flexible and a person can let the insurance according to the premium they can afford. 

Advantages of Corona Kavach Policy

Enhanced Coverage: There is more coverage than you can expect. It covers PPE costs, co-morbidities, room rent, nursing cost, consultation fee.

One-time payment: The premium of this policy has to be paid only one time when the person is getting the policy which is very easy for the buyer. 

Short Waiting Period: The waiting period of 15 days is very short for any insurance cover and it allows the person to get started with the policy as soon as possible. 

Top Up on the Existing Health Insurance

A top plan is made to supplements the needs of a primary health insurance​ plan. It contains all the add ons and provides additional coverage over the sum insured. One might need this policy for covering specific diseases or for some specific purpose. With a top plan, there is also a deductible that is the initial claim amount is not covered with the policy. The claim amount that crosses the deductible amount is paid under this policy. 

Advantages of opting for a top-up plan

Wide Cover: 

A health insurance top plan is designed in a way to expand the coverage of the current insurance plan. It is like a supplementary policy. Also, it offers financial backup in case the basic policy has expired. 


An top up helps you to cope up with the inflation. It allows you to have a higher sum insured with more facilities sat an affordable premium. 

Pre-Existing Diseases: 

Many of these add ons covers pre-existing illness. All the base policy do not cover pre-existing illness. A top-notch top-up plan can play a significant role in this case by allowing you to get the benefits of normal policy.

By comparing these factors, you can get the best policy which will fit all your needs.