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Buy Travel Insurance based on your destination Country while travelling during Coronavirus Times

There are very fewer people who bother to get travel insurance when going abroad, as sometimes people do not understand how important travel insurance could be, especially during this pandemic. With changing times, travel insurers have recently launched policies which cover the insurance for COVID-19 as well. Slowly with restricted travelling now people are understanding the importance of having travel insurance. 

When you are travelling to a particular place, you are often required to get travel insurance according to your destination, which isn't always an easy process. Getting a policy which suits your need is difficult, but on finding the right balance you must get the policy immediately before making any plans. Consider for example, if you want to go to Nepal, many travel insurances won't cover you if you hiked above a specific elevation. Thus, you need to consider the place you are visiting to design your travel insurance. Also, you need to buy health insurance plan,before proceeding on the trip for a secure journey.​ ​ 

How does destination changes travel insurance requirements?

When you are travelling within your country, generally there is very less insurance coverage needed. They could be covered by the general health insurance and very seldom will you need to spend for coverage out of your pocket. However, when travelling abroad you need to decide your travel insurance according to the destination. If you are going to remote locations or engaging into activities like zip-lining, mountain climbing you may need coverage with high limits. Some places have even made getting travel insurance mandatory.

Some of these places have minimum requirements that you need to cover. For example, in Cuba, it is mandatory for getting coverage for medical evacuation by air and other medical emergencies. 

Taking Health into account 

Now, when you are travelling domestically you generally don't need a cover as health insurance is sufficient to cover all your needs. But when you are travelling abroad, sometimes the health insurance have terms which won't allow you to get medical coverage there. This is where travel insurance comes to play. Travel insurance covers you for many things, but it is also important to get an add on medical coverage for the particular duration depending on the destination. You can get health insurance online if you feel the need of having one. 

Any kind of travel with the pre-existing illness will need a policy that offers the pre-existing illness exclusion wavier. If you get emergency care in a hospital at a foreign destination, it could prove to be expensive and thus one needs to be covered. 

This is especially true for the times of coronavirus. When you are travelling abroad you will see that all the places are differently affected by this pandemic and thus you need to have a plan according to the country you are visiting. Some places are more dangerous than the others and thus getting a higher coverage is necessary for these destinations.