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World Heart Day 2020

Every year on 29th September World Heart Day is celebrated. With increasing cardiovascular illness, the day is to bring people attention to the increasing number of heart illness. The day is there to promote different preventive steps. Its primary goal is to spread information about a quality lifestyle. More than 17 million people die due to heart illness every year. This number is increasing constantly. A significant reason is busy and bad lifestyle followed by individuals. It looks like we have given up on our health. The number is greater than people dying due to Malaria, HIV or cancer. 

The day was started by World Heart federation in 2000 seeing the need of a day dedicated for discussion around heart illness. Both governmental and non-governmental organisation celebrate this day. They organise marathons, public talks, fitness session, exhibition and many other things. We all can play a role in contributing to this day by adopting a few changes in our lifestyle. You can buy health insurance ​for your family. Health insurance will cover all medical emergency that may occur and will not put a financial burden on the family. However, prevention is better than cure. You must put your health as the priority and take good care of yourself.  

The numerous ways in which you can get involved in this day is by taking part in events.

  • Attend a talk show
  • Volunteer for a program
  • Participate in a marathon
  • Attend an online lecture
  • Change one of your habits and lead it towards a healthy life
  • Use social media to spread the word
  • Keep posting encouraging messages
  • Talk to your peers about the same
  • Take care of your heart health

  • With cardiovascular diseases a leading killer, there is a need for education around the same. The cause of heart attacks is not easy and are often a combination of risk factors. It could be an unhealthy diet, obesity, high level of cholesterol. The essential thing to remember is it’s never too late to bring a change to your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at a few steps which you can do to ensure good health for your heart. 


    Pay attention to what you are eating. Healthy food includes a combination of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on salty and spicy meals. It is advised to use oil in a limited amount in food. Also, make sure that you are using good quality oil. Avoid consumption of processed and canned food. 


    Obesity plays a significant role in heat-related illness. People who are obese are more prone to heat-related illness. Reduce your diet and try to lose some weight by following a health program. 


    We all are stuck to our computer screen. Doing physical activity leads to improve blood levels. No physical activity makes the body dull and it soon loses shape. It is necessary to do at least 2.5 hours of physical activity in a day. 

    Tabaco and Alcohol

    Tabaco and sue of smokes are harmful to the heart. Overuse of alcohol is linked to more than 200 diseases. There is no safe level of drinking alcohol. The best way is to avoid.