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Why Wearing Face Masks is Important?

​Coronavirus is a word that describes the first quarter of 2020 in one word. This communicable disease which was first reported in Wuhan, China, on New Year’s Eve of 2020 has now spread across the globe. As of writing this blog, there are 3.7 million people affected with coronavirus around the globe. There is no vaccine or medication available to properly cure the patient infected with the coronavirus. According to the scientist, it might take 12 to 18 months to prepare a vaccine. 

This pandemic has taken the world by storm and has forced the government of various nations to implement lockdown. The Indian government also implemented lockdown on 24th March 2020, which is still on. Other than coronavirus, you all must have heard of face masks, coronavirus health insurance​, and washing hands for 20 seconds in the last few months. 

Today we are going to talk about face masks and why it is recommended, and should a normal person wear a mask or not. All your questions are answered below.

World Health Organisation’s Take on Wearing Face Mask

WHO declared coronavirus as a global pandemic on 11th March 2020. Their guidelines state that face mask should be only worn by a sick person and by people who are taking care of that sick person and medical workers. They still believe that social distancing and frequent hand washing is an effective precautionary measure. WHO has asked the countries around the world to just provide a mask to sick people and healthcare professionals. They don’t want a shortage of masks. 

Indian Government’s Take on Wearing Face Mask

The first case of coronavirus in India was reported in late February 2020. From that day till very recently, the Indian government said that face masks are only for people who are sick and medical workers. Nevertheless, the people of our country rushed down to medical shops to get a mask, which resulted in the shortage of face masks. Shop owners also increased the price of the mask and the person who needed that mask had no masks. 

However, due to the increase in the cases of coronavirus infected patients in our country, the Indian government made wearing face mask compulsory in public on 9th April 2020. If you are not wearing a mask when in public, you might be facing serious charges. Not just India, but countries like UAE, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, has made face mask compulsory.

So, should you wear a face mask?

Scientifically it is proven that face masks help tamp down the spread of respiratory viruses and protect healthy people from getting sick. And the Indian government has also made it compulsory. Covid-19 is spread via aerosols, which we breathe in. While we are in public, we touch our face inadvertently numerous times with potentially infected hands. Masks will not only protect us against this buy will also purify the infected air that we breathe in. So, that’s why it advisable to wear a face mask in public. A face mask, along with health insurance policy ensures overall protection. If you can’t buy a face mask, make one at home.