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The Benefits of a Solo Travel - Part 1

​Did you fall in love with Kangana Ranaut’s vacation in the movie ‘Queen’? Did you always want to emulate that vacation and travel the world all by yourself? Traveling on your own can offer exciting avenues and can be as adventurous and fun as it can get. However, traveling alone can also seem like an extremely daunting proposition.  Concerns such as safety and loneliness can give anyone sleepless nights. However, today you can secure yourself and travel worry free with a good trip insurance policy​. It can indeed be frightening to travel solo, especially if you have never done it before. Nevertheless, growing old without being able to experience everything you want from life is even more frightening.  Hence, make sure you embark with your holiday, with or without company. Never postpone or cancel your trip just because you are waiting for someone to travel with you. Ensure you don’t let others hold you back from your vacation. Believe in the ‘now or never’ attitude.  You will make plenty of friends on your way anyway. Take your mind off the perils and focus on the positives of traveling alone. Let’s list down a few reasons because of which traveling solo triumphs over traveling with company.

Experience absolute freedom: Imagine a world where you could do everything you ever wanted. Where there is no one to judge you, influence you or override your decisions. You are on your own. Feel like waking up late? Wake up late. Want Pasta? Have Pasta. Want to get sloshed? Get sloshed (Just make sure you have travel insurance!). In this infinite freedom, you tend to find your likes and dislikes and eventually find yourself.
Return a better version of yourself: When you travel solo, you are your own boss. All the decisions are yours. You are responsible for yourself. So basically, you have to learn and adapt to survive. You are expected to figure out finding your way, whom to trust, making contingency plan etc. The biggest reward of traveling alone is personal growth. You return home a much more responsible, mature, independent, and confident person after each and every trip.
Meet interesting people: When you travel with a partner or a group you are less likely to meet other people. Your entire vacation revolves around the people you are with. However, as a solo traveler you look forward to meeting new people and are much more approachable. Locals would love to reach out to you and help you out when you are alone as traveling solo is strange or even unheard of in some parts of the world.  Other travelers are more likely to strike a conversation with you and they might even turn out to be lifelong friends. Even if you make friends whom you never speak to after the trip, your friendship can be marked as the highlight of the trip. All of this was not possible if you stayed inside the bubble and traveled with company.

Stay hooked on! Find more enthralling reasons to be a solo traveler in the next part.