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Why Should Yoga Be Your Best Friend During Lockdown

Yoga, also known as healing science has uncountable benefits. The benefits of practicing yoga regularly have been thoroughly searched, which gravitate a large number of people towards it. Yoga is more like health insurance, which shields you against numerous ailments and its expense. If you already are a yoga enthusiast, you must be aware of its benefits. But, do you know, it can also be your best friend during the lockdown? Want to know how? Keep reading to know. 

The benefits of Doing Yoga at Home 

  1. You Can Decide the Right Time to Practice

  2. Practicing yoga at home comes with the flexibility to decide the best time for you. You can simply make a schedule around your lifestyle and commitments when you do not have to rush to accomplish your responsibilities. If you find it difficult to practice yoga during the day, try to wake up earlier in the morning. Starting your day early with yoga will reap you benefits in the long run. 

  3. No dress codes required, wear anything that you like

  4. This is one of the top benefits of practicing yoga at home. You need not to worry about what to wear. You can literally sit and practice in your PJ’s. Since you would not be competing with anyone, you can wear anything that you like, be it an older pair of track pants or your pajamas and still be completely Okay about it.

  5. You are not competing with anyone

  6. The world is all about competition. It is human nature to compete with others while doing the same work, whether it is in a yoga class or life. But when you are doing it all alone, you do not have anyone to compare with. Also, there will be no one to judge you whom you have to impress. Practicing yoga in solitude also allows having a deeper and better experience. 

  7. It all about You Only

  8. When you attend a yoga class, you get connected to others sharing the same energy, and experience, but when you are doing it all alone the entire energy is directed towards you. Practicing yoga all alone at home can be a secret source of energy and can be fruitful for you when you lead a busy life. You’ll start feeling more relaxed and balanced, also the people close you to may also feel more positive vibes coming from you. Besides, it keeps common and even chronic disorders at bay. 
  9. It helps you create self-awareness

  10. Since practicing yoga is all about you, it helps you develop self-awareness. You become more aware of your moves. You’ll be aware of where your body is tensed. Self-awareness will make you more aware of how your mind works and how you breathe or even the smallest move that goes unnoticed otherwise, which can help you in numerous ways in general life. 

These were some of the several benefits you can savor from practicing yoga at home during the lockdown. Even if you are a beginner, you can start practicing with some research and watching online videos. However, it might not be enough, and we tend to fall into unexpected situations. Therefore, you must always buy health insurance to fight ailments to secure your finances. Make sure you have a health insurance policy to cover expenses for coronavirus treatment.

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