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Why is it Essential to Not Go Out Unnecessarily?

​Coronavirus cases have surged to almost a lac by now. Vaccine trials are running, but it will be a long time before we can access full-fledged safety from the disease. With that being said, people have taken the deadly virus for granted. Having a callous approach is only adding to the atrocities. It is the primary time that you take the charge for your own safety and avoid venturing outside for no reason.

It has been tough for most people to stay locked within the four walls for almost 6 months now, but with the 4th phase of unlocking, relaxations have been provided and life has begun to settle down. At the same time, however, precautionary measures have been at stake lately. Wandering around for irrelevant reasons can potentially put you at risk of not only contaminating yourself but even the people around you.

This blog will help you understand exactly why staying home is essential to keep you safe during these unprecedented times.​

Let's dive right in!

Self Safety

It is no secret that the COVID-19 recovery rate in India is pretty high. However, the fact that over 70,000 people have been the victim of untimely death due to this virus cannot be sidelined. The sole reason why a complete lockdown has been imposed across the globe is that nobody knows how the virus will impact any individual. The mere differences within the SARS-CoV 2 group of viruses have made it difficult to not only find a comprehensive vaccine but also detect its impact on a general scale.

Whether you have any co-morbidities or not; whether you have clear symptoms of the disease or have an asymptomatic infection; your age, gender, blood group- nothing can assure antibodies or protection. Even if you go out with a mask, or the entire PPE kit and others around you don't have it on, you are only 50% safe. This is why you need to protect yourself to safeguard, if not completely eradicate, the chances of contamination.

Collapsing Healthcare​

Medical professionals have gone above and beyond to treat coronavirus patients since the first case was detected. However, it is important to understand that the healthcare system of India wasn't prepared for such an outbreak. Hospitals and make-shift treatment centers have run out of beds and ventilators in most places. Currently, if you get infected, you will be prescribed home-quarantine and may not be able to find a hospital even if you need intensive care. This will also probably lead to the contamination of the rest of your family members. If you live alone or your entire family gets infected with the virus, remember, you're on your own. Nobody can come to your rescue.​​

Regardless of where you live and how many or how little cases there are in your locality, it is imperative to stay precautious during these times and stay indoors. In such times it is important to have extra protection so you can buy health insurance online if you don't have one already, and keep yourself out of risk