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Why Electric Scooters Are Best For Teenagers?

​According to the changes brought by the Transport Ministry for the motor vehicle rules, kids between 16 and 18 years of age will be able to get a license for electric scooters with a maximum restricted speed of 70km/h. The ministry also says that this action has been taken to end the risk of young riders in the mentioned age group indulging in a rash and speedy driving. The electric scooters legal for 16-18 years of age will have a motor that makes a maximum of four kilowatts. 

Under the current law, teenagers are only permitted to ride two-wheeler powered by a 50cc engine, however, the smallest engine available in India is 100cc. 

So far, it was not needed for such young riders to get a license for gearless electric scooter since these scooters were exempted. Now though, the government has categorized such scooters as light two-wheeled powered vehicles, and thus a proper driving license will be mandatory for riding it. These two-wheelers will also need a valid license plate. Also, to give it an extra layer of protection you can buy scooter insurance online​ from a reputed insurer. 

Electric Scooter Brings A Positive Change

The move comes as a positive change to the Indian traffic system since teenagers will be able to get a driving license which should help them to understand the rules and regulations more perfectly. However, parents must be watchful and ensure that their children are using a proper helmet while riding the scooter. 

Variety Of Electric Scooters 

The best electric scooters for teens come in a variety of sizes and shapes, starting from simple kick models to full body mopeds. Also, you can read some electric scooter reviews that will help you in choosing the best one as per your needs. 

Electric Scooters Buyer’s Guide

The major feature all styles share is the step-through design. This actually means that both of the feet remain flat on a deck, whereas on a bike the rider will straddle the sides. 

There are many scooter styles to select from, such as the kick model, seat-less classic or electric versions that do not need a kick. Often this style is very lightweight and has a folding design feature that makes it much convenient to transport and store. 

There are also more beefed up, serious models that may look like a common scooter at first. But these models have enhanced features like front and rear suspension, big motors, and pneumatic tires that can deliver a thousand watts of power. 

The majority of parents are searching for safe models that are convenient for the environment, which is why electric scooters are best for every teenager. These models are easy to maintain and inexpensive and have batteries and parts that are readily available. If your child is looking for a new way to get around the neighborhood or your teen or you yourself is searching for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, then choose electric scooters and also do not forget to get a two wheeler insurance for your scooter.