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Why A Bike Or Scooter Is A Good Alternative To Public Transport Now?

​It's difficult to escape the prospect of utilizing public transport when living in a busy city. Buses stop on most roads, trains run every few minutes, and everyone's got a taxi app on their phone. Public transports give you massive convenience in life, but there are so many more reasons why taking the journey by motorcycle can be the better option. Here's a guide to why commuting by two-wheeler is the best option. ​

Helps you Maintain Social Distancing

Travelling by public transport we are bound to be in close proximity with people at some point or the other. Travelling on bike will help you keep distance and travel at your convenience. And if you are not well versed with riding a bike you can always opt for a scooter. Also, do not forget to purchase a scooter insurance before taking your vehicle on road.

Two Wheelers can be Cheaper

With train travel being a little expensive, using a two-wheeler as your preferred choice of transport can actually save a lot of money. Traveling by two-wheeler makes you spend less than half of what the public transport commuter would make you pay. This convenience totally depends on the journey and the bike though, so it's worth checking commuting may or commuting calculator to be sure.

Two Wheelers Save Time

There is so much to consider when traveling to work through public transport. There is the journey to the bus/train station, the length of the commute itself, and then the time it takes to get from your home to place of work. By taking the journey by two-wheeler, you can massively cut down on door-to-door commuting time.

Beat the Rush Hour Jam

City dwellers will have become accustomed to the sight of suited-up workers zipping via traffic on fold-up commuting scooters. Hate or love them, you cannot deny that they can crack through the rush hour jams faster than a bus or taxi. But you know what directs busy streets even better than all of the above? Motorcycles. The mindless grind of sitting motionless in red signals or traffic when you are on a two-wheeler. You can direct through traffic easier, quickly take alternative routes, and utilize your knowledge to take short cuts.

More freedom and flexibility

Not only does the motorcycle saves a lot of time when compared to the public transport commute, but it also means you do not have to depend on other people to get to your destination. One of the five bikers you talked to describe it as, more civilized and more flexible, with more freedom. This goes back to the reason why so many people get motorcycles in the first place: the freedom of being able to do what you want, when you want, and where you want. You are free from the shackles of timetables and the dreaded delay messages over the station.

It won't feel like a commute

When you are forced to spend half of your day commuting, you may as well spend that time doing something that you love. When you are riding your motorcycle, the journey won't feel boring anymore, it just means that you get to spend your mornings and afternoons doing the thing you love. But for that not only buying a bike is important, but bike insurance is also important.

So these were some points that might have proved you why two wheeler is the best alternative to public transport.​