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Who Are at a Higher Risk of Coronavirus?


We've almost reached the end of 2020 and coronavirus is still all the way up. Despite the development of a safe and effective vaccine, this pandemic is far from over yet. As soon as the world started unlocking after months-long quarantine, people have forgotten all about the risk of coronavirus and have become extremely reckless. Safety practices have reduced drastically. This has given rise to the second and even third wave of the pandemic in some countries and states. 

Although India has less number of cases compared to other countries population ratio wise, it has still been badly struck. Who are we fooling with our callous attitude? A health insurance policy can only save our money, not our lives. It is certain that India will be completely off the lockdown stage and regular activities will commence shortly. This is why it is necessary for all to know who are at a higher risk of coronavirus and keep them safe from contamination until vaccinated. Let's delve into the details!

Elderly Group

It has been emphasized time and again since the beginning of this pandemic that the elderly are at the greatest risk of contamination and fatality. This is because people tend to have weaker immunity at old age. Along with that, chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases are also common among this age group. It is therefore recommended for people over the age of 60 to stay indoors at all times and practice impeccable hygiene protocols even inside the house to eliminate any risks.


While there have been fewer cases of coronavirus in children, they might be the carrier of the disease. Children are not as self-aware as grown-ups and might end up spreading the virus. Apart from them, infants are among the high-risk group. This is because they don't have entirely developed immune and hence are vulnerable to any disease they aren't vaccinated for.


People who suffer from cardiovascular, lungs, kidney, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, or any such chronic or serious ailments are at the highest risk. Such patients, regardless of their age or gender, must stay safe from this virus. The obvious reason here is their weak immune system. Maximum fatalities recorded across the world is among people with co-morbidities. 

It is highly recommended for these high-risk patients to buy coronavirus health insurance for proper and well-rounded treatment of this virus. This insurance also pays for the treatment of co-morbidities if they cause aggravation in coronavirus disease.

Young Adults

The millennial lifestyle is a life-threat, especially during this pandemic. Unhealthy eating habits, messy sleep-cycle, excess stress, and ailments can be a risk factor for young adults of this generation. Additionally, since the unlock began, young adults have been over-enthusiastic about 'hanging out' and venturing outside in public areas which ensure greater chances of contamination. 

The coronavirus pandemic has posed an equal risk for everyone. There is not one gender or age group which can be deemed safe from this virus. It is hence important for absolutely everyone to stay out of risk and stay home for just a while longer.