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Guide On What To Pack For A Road Trip?

​​A road trip is the best way to unwind your stress and get away from all the hustle-and-bustle of your busy lifestyle. If you are the one who loves to travel the roads less taken, then you should get yourself prepared for any circumstance that the trips take you through. 

No matter if you are visiting the west, east, south or north, you will be amazed to see the vivid beauty and diversity that Indian destinations have to offer. But before you get started with the enthralling road-trip, don’t forget to buy car insurance policy, which will help you handle any unforeseen situation.

​1.First aid kit​​
First aid kit is one of the essential items, which you should pack while hitting the road. If you are road tripping around a place with mediocre healthcare records, be sure to store all necessary medicines such as antibiotics, electrolyte tablets, bandages, ointments, etc.
2.Bluetooth headset 
Over the past years, there have been several new rules made regarding talking over the phone while driving. The penalties have become harsher so that there is more safety on the road. If you want to take an urgent call while you are on the go, consider carrying a Bluetooth headset with you.

3.Mosquito repellent
You don’t want to get malaria or dengue when you are revving on the highway, like a free-spirited star. Always stay careful of these little devils, they bite!

4.Car charger
You should always keep your smartphone charged while you are taking a road trip. In this era, smartphone plays a vital role in our lives. Be it checking the reservations, road maps, or keeping in contact with your family members, you just cannot do without your mobile. Carry a car charger so that your phone doesn’t die in the middle of the trip. 

I know it came a little later but that’s the first thing we look around when we are travelling with our mates or family members. Food! Yes, you heard me right. You cannot go without a bag full of tasty treats so that you don’t have to starve yourself. 

6.Battery pack
Trips are all about lovely memories and experiences! We all love to carry our gadgets and gizmos when we know that our eyes are going to embrace few of the most astonishing sites ever. To keep these devices charged and going, don’t forget to carry a powerful battery pack.

7.Magnetic board games and cards
Now that you are done with listening to your favourite tracks, you would want something new to do. But, what? Play some nice and exciting board games that will take away all your boredom.

8.Vehicle emergency kit
Imagine, you are enjoying the best road trip ever and then you hear a creaking sound.  You get down the car and see flat tyres. Not a good thing to imagine. Right?  Always carry an emergency car kit and a Stepney tyre so that you stay worry free and drive smooth.

9.Versatile road trip clothing
You should always carry your clothes according to the destination and the number of days you are going to be on the go. Pack in waterproof jackets, swimwear, ponchos, towel, scarves, and woollen clothes if you are going for a wet and cold region.

10. Hand sanitizer and face wipes
Last but not the least, you don’t want to fall sick because of dirt, germs, and pollution around you. So, wash your hand with the sanitizer before you pop that tasty potato wafer in your mouth.

Now that you have packed everything, which is essential for a road trip; don’t forget to buy a car insuran​ce​ policy to make your journey secure and smooth.