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What to Gift Someone When He/She is Travelling Abroad?

​Picking gifts for a person visiting abroad is a tricky yet exciting task. Play by the rule, and you will never feel perplexed again. The gifts you choose for a traveller should be minimalistic yet easy to use abroad. It should be something they can use while travelling or while exploring the new destinations.

A plane ticket is too expensive, and avoiding extra “stuff" can be tough. Looking for thoughtful and ethical travel gift inspiration? You have just landed at the right place. Here's a list of gifts you can present to a person travelling abroad-

RFID-blocking passport holder

 Radio-frequency identification, also known as RFID, is a chip that transfers data wirelessly and can be found on your passports and credit cards. Data thieves target you when you are walking on a subway or the street. They have RFID readers that can swipe your data in seconds. From passports, credit cards to boarding pass, RFID-blocking passport holder can keep all essential documents while protecting you against identity theft.

Waterproof Electronic Organizer

For travellers, their electronic gadgets are the essential objects. It's evident that if they are carrying devices, they will have to take a charger and other essentials as well. Keeping these gear organized at a place can be tough. With a waterproof electronic organizer, they can keep all your electronics organized and water-safe.

All-in-One Adapter

Electric plugs are different abroad. Regular charger won't work without an adapter in the US or UK. Therefore, having an all-in-one adapter can save your friend their money, time, efforts, and lets them use your electronic devices wherever you go.

Portable Charger

Imagine getting stuck in the middle of the woods with your phone dying. Haunting. Isn't it! A portable charger is a must-have for travellers. With this charger by your side, you won't have to look for a plug to charge your mobile phone to make an emergency call.

Multiple Language Talking Translator

Learning local phrases while travelling abroad is a good idea. But, what if your friend travellers too often and don't have the time for the same? Here's an easy solution for them-- a multiple language talking translator translates up to 12 languages and has 8400 on-board phrases.

Luggage Tags

Save your globe-trotting near and dear ones from the hassle of identifying bags at baggage claim with personalized luggage tags. These luggage tags are both functional and classy and can be personalized.

Smartphone Lens Kit

What is a vacation without capturing the fun moments? Gift your traveller buddy a smartphone lens kit that will not only allow him/her to click great pictures but also save packing space. There are lens kits available for all kinds of phones. They are compatible with iPhones, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and other brand phones. The lens attachments range from a wide-angle, zoom, macro, portrait lens etc.

Travel Insurance Policy

We bet you would have never imagined a travel insurance policy as a gift. But, look closely, the travel insurance policy covers several unforeseen circumstances and protects the traveller against situations like lost passport, lost checked-in baggage, trip delay, etc. While you cannot be around your buddy, this travel policy will be there to help them in a foreign land.​