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What is The Meaning of Quarantine, Social Distancing, Isolation, Curfew and Lockdown

​Within the past few days, you may have heard these terms - Quarantine, Social Distancing, Isolation, Curfew and Lockdown – almost 100 times in the news. Isn’t it? Most of you might be very well aware of what each term means how every specific term is different from others. But, still, there are people who do not have a clear idea about all of these terms. If you are one of them do not worry. 

Listed below is a complete description of these terms so that you understand every piece of information containingthese terms and follow the desired measures. 

1. Quarantine 
Staying alone for a period of minimum 14 days is termed as quarantine.  Citizens with a foreign travel history or those who came in contact with corona infected people (but not found to be corona positive) are instructed by the government to quarantine themselves. Two weeks of quarantine period is considered to be the ideal duration to check if the person is infected or not. 

2. Social Distancing 
The government has called for maintaining social distance with people, which means reducing physical interaction. During this time, you must not touch anyone, not for greeting as well. Also, one should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the person he or she is talking to. Going to crowded places, attending schools, and going to offices is strictly prohibited during social distancing. Instead of meeting your loved ones or employees, you can connect with them virtually. 

3. Isolation
A person is isolated if he or she is found to be corona positive. During the isolation period, no one except the medical professionals can come in contact with the person. A corona positive patient or the one who is isolated lives in a medical centre, does not interact with anyone physically, use separate utensils, wears a mask, and keeps cleaning his/her hands with soap and water. 

4. Curfew 
The ultimate aim of curfew is to keep the citizens off the roads and streets, just like what you saw during the Janta Curfew. Though this term may have different meaningsin different political nations, its essence is the same, i.e. putting a complete ban on public gatherings on the street. During this time, the hotels, restaurants, local markets, and cinema halls are closed. 

5. Lockdown 
Unlike curfew, lockdown is an emergency protocol wherein the citizens are not allowed to move out of their homes for safety purposes. During this time, only the non-essential services/activities, like gyms, malls, public transportation, etc. are closed. Only essential supplies, like grocery, milk, is provided to the citizens and employees in the essential services sector are allowed to work.

Keep note of all these terms and make sure you understand the difference between them. In the present pandemic situation, what’s most important is to take care of your hygiene and buy health insurance policy so as to get a protective cover for medical care. Do look for health insurance online as you cannot visit the insurance provider’s office in the lockdown period.