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What is Pollution Control Certificate (PUC)?

​There has been a rise in the pollution level of the countries immensely over the last few decades, a lot of this has been due to the emission from the vehicles and this has forced many countries to work towards this and fix this. All motor vehicles in India must go through pollution test and must adhere to the norms which are set. There are heavy fines for not having pollution papers of the vehicles. Thus, someone needs to have their Pollution Certificate or PUC of the vehicle. This is 

not only for protecting oneself from the fine but is a responsibility of any citizen of the nation. It is one of the compulsory documents for motor insurance claims.​ But first, you go ahead let’s understand some details. 

What is Pollution Control certificate?

This is the document which works as an approval document and has all the details regarding the emission level of your vehicle and if they are within the guidelines which have been formed. This is done through the authorised testing centres which are generally at petrol pumps in India. Thus, a certificate is issued after testing the emission level. The Ministry of Transport has made it compulsory for all the vehicles to carry their certificate at all times. 

PUC Norms

Under rule 115(2) of the Central Motor vehicle Act, the pollution standards for all the vehicle in India are fixed to a particular level. These regulations are revised at regular intervals to keep the pollution level in the country under Control. This depends on a lot of factors and a rider has to adhere to whatever guidelines have been set by the authority.

How to get a PUC certificate?

When you are getting a new vehicle, the dealer will provide you with a certificate valid for one year so you need not get a certificate in the beginning. 

For renewal, you have to take your bike to the nearest emission test centre to get it checked and get the certificate after paying the required fee. 

Petrol pump and fuel stations are the places where there will be centres to get your vehicle checked. 

You can also get a PUC certificate online however government has only authorized emission testing centres and RTOs. This means you still have to go to get your vehicle checked. 

Why is the PUC certificate required?


According to the Motor Vehicle Act, it has been mandatory to have a Pollution certificate for your vehicles at all times. Failure to do so can cost heavy penalties on the person. 


The main aim of this plan was to curb the pollution as emission from vehicles could cause serious damage to health and we are already witnessing so many problems to arise in the pollution levels and thus there was a need for this. 

Now with pollution control, another important thing is the car insurance and two wheeler insurance for your vehicle which is also a mandatory document one must have to protect themselves from any kind of damages.