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What is Anti Lock Braking in Two Wheelers, How it Works and Why is it Important?

​ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System has become essential for all motor vehicles lately. It was once considered to be an expensive technology meant only for premium four-wheelers. The ability of the ABS in preventing locking of wheels and providing more control to the rider/driver has been proven many times. 

A two-wheeler equipped with ABS is safer to operate. From everyday riding scenarios to riding on slippery, treacherous road conditions, a bike with ABS protects the bike from slipping in case of an emergency. To ensure safe riding, it is necessary to have an Anti-lock Braking System installed on your motorcycle as it reduces the chances of crashes considerably. The India government has acknowledged the same, and that's why a new law has been introduced where two-wheelers above 125cc will have to come equipped with ABS by April 2019 obligatorily. Let's understand in details how ABS works and why it's so important to ensure your safety while riding-

ABS - what is it?

Anti-lock Braking System or ABS is an automobile safety system that prevents the locking of wheels during braking and avoids uncontrolled skidding. It also helps the wheels maintain grip and stay stable on the road. 

Bikes are less stable than four-wheeled vehicles. When you press the brake too hard, it destabilizes the bike and leads to either the front or rear wheel locking, causing the motorcycle to tip over or slide. On the other hand, failure to press the brake hard enough can result in you failing to avoid a crash.

How ABS works on motorcycles

ABS works to prevent a bike's wheel from locking during braking. The system uses speed sensors on the wheels to correctly determine the wheel's speed and other sensors are installed to determine when a wheel is about to lock. ABS further adjusts the braking pressure consequently to avoid the wheel from locking and helps with maintaining the stability of the bike. There are several events, where ABS saved the life of the rider by reducing the braking distance.

Two-wheelers with ABS technology involve in less crashes on the road. If you are thinking to buy a motorcycle, it is recommended that you should buy one with ABS technology. However, remember that bikes with ABS are not appropriate for off-road riding conditions. 

Why is ABS important?

ABS in bikes helps a rider in reducing speed or in stopping his/her bike in an emergency. In the case of an urgent situation like slippery road conditions, when you hit the brakes hard, and the wheels are about to lock, the ABS hydraulic unit reduces the brake pressure immediately. This helps the biker to control the motorcycle and slow down safely.

The ABS technology in bike measures the wheel speed continuously. However, it only interferes with adjusting the brake pressure if it realizes that the bike wheels are about to stop rotating. A rider won't be able to notice the power of ABS during non-emergency braking but should be confident that in an emergency they can apply full brake force without the wheels locking up.​​

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