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Best Place to Snack Veg Good in Singapore

​​Singapore is home to a variety of scrumptious and mouthwatering culinary delights such as Chilli Crab, Fish Head curry, Hokkien Prawn ​​Mee, or the national dish of Singapore. i.e. Hainanese Chicken rice. You can lose yourself in the​se dishes and eventually find the taste of Singapore. 

Didn’t find it interesting? You are vegetarian. Aren’t you? Wish there was a Singapore Travel insurance policy that got your back in Singapore? Don’t fret.  Even though sea-food is the most popular cuisine of Singapore, it offers a lot of exciting avenues for vegetarians as well. Against popular belief, you would find a plenty of options for vegetarian dishes. In case you dislike experimenting with food you would even find amazing Indian restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes. As a veggie-lover you would have certainly suffered in a Sea-food crazy country where your best options are salads and bread. But those days have long gone. Therefore, let’s breeze through a few top notch options in Singapore for the herbivores:

  • Komala’s Villas restaurant: Komala’s offers authentic South Indian food and is arguable the best restaurant in Little India, the haven for Indian food in Singapore. Dig your teeth into Idli’s and Dosa’s which would make you feel like you are sitting in India.
  • Whole Earth Vegetarian: Ever heard of a Thai-Peranakan restaurant that serves only vegetarian food and ensures that even hardcore-carnivores enjoy their meals? Well! We found one for you. Don’t miss out on trying their signature dish, Penang Rendang- A spicy pan-fried mushroom dish that’s an absolute delicacy. 
  • Pita Pan: A strictly vegetarian restaurant that provides flavors of Mediterranean to its customers. The restaurant is proud of its popular Salad bar that provides over 30 Middle Eastern salads, spices, homegrown veggies and much more.
  • Herbivore: As the name suggests, the place is an herbivores den filled with vegetarian delicacies. It offers Japanese cuisine in a different light. Don’t miss out on the Unagi Bento Box from Herbivore which is the Japanese version of the Indian Thali.
  • Ling Zhi: Ling Zhi is Singapore’s premier Chinese eatery for meat-free dishes. It boasts of offering a variety of innovative and vegetarian Chinese dishes from as early as 1926. Don’t miss out on trying the Crispy Wild mushrooms with Aeroponic Salad at this restaurant.
Hope you have enjoyed the list. Next time don’t cross Singapore out of your travel list just because you might have to starve for vegetarian food. Make the most of this list and enjoy different cuisines in Singapore. More importantly, whenever you visit to Singapore, ensure you are prepared for the worst with a travel insurance policy​ for Singapore.