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Understand and Follow Zebra Crossing Rules in India to become a Responsible Driver and Rider

One of the most common traffic violations that drivers and riders commit is crossing the stop line or neglecting the zebra line when the traffic light shows red. Bikers and four-wheeler drivers rampantly try to pass the signal even when the red traffic light is on. This creates a lot of problem for the people who are trying to cross the road on foot. The all-new Motor Vehicles Act came into effect on 1st September 2019. The latest version of the laws has several new penalties introduced along with the increment in the existing fines. The revamped bill is presented with the motive of making Indian roads safer for riders, drivers, and pedestrians.

Apart from the negligence of drivers and riders, the maintenance of the streets is in poor condition, which includes the omission of stop lines and zebra crossings from the road. Also, most commuters don't even know the basic rules and regulations that have to be followed on the streets. They seldom realize that such law exists and that they are liable to pay fine in case of such traffic violations.

Out of habit, most motorists cross the stop line and try to enter the opposite lane as they wait for the signal to turn green. These extra metres do not benefit the violators; instead, they just affect the natural flow of the traffic and create havoc for pedestrians who want to cross the road. To get rid of such a traffic violation, the government has come up with a stringent penalty.

Let's understand what zebra crossing means -

  • A zebra crossing is marked by alternating black and white stripes that resemble the pattern on a zebra. It is a type of pedestrian crossing used across the world. The small patch allows pedestrians to cross the road without any fear.

  • As per the new motor vehicle law, vehicles passing roads have to stop at the line before the zebra crossing on seeing the red light to allow pedestrians to cross the street. When the walking sign in green lights up on the traffic signal, it indicates that the pedestrians can cross the road using the zebra crossing.

  • On the other hand, pedestrians are advised to stop and ensure that all traffic has stopped before they enter a zebra crossing. If there's no specific signal for pedestrians, then they should wait for the traffic to slow down and then cross the street.

  • Strict rules have been introduced to instil discipline among commuters to streamline the chaotic traffic in the country. Under the latest MVA, two-wheelers or four-wheelers will be fined a hefty amount for jumping the zebra crossing at traffic signals.

  • Driving errors now attract higher penalties and imprisonment for up to one month for racing and speeding. Additionally, driving without insurance bears a fine of Rs. 2000 and/ or imprisonment for up to three months. Other penalties include hefty penalties for driving without a license, drunken driving, dangerous driving, etc.

We recommend you keep your essential documents handy and get car insurance and two-wheeler insurance for your respective vehicles. Stay on the right side of the road and drive/ride without any hassles.​