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Top Tips to Cut Down on Your Sugar Intake from Today!

​In India we all have been accustomed to have a sweet after the dinner. It is often believed that our meal is not complete without that extra sugar intake. Besides, due to boredom we are also in the habit to chew chips and biscuits as a regular part of the day daily. If you research a little you will find out that WHO recommends no more than 50gm of sugar as a daily part of our diet and if we are really health conscious this must be cut down to below 25 gm.

It is not a hard discussion to sit down at a table and discuss about the obesity problem of the nation and the addiction to sugar. Now the most harmful sugar for the body could be the refined sugar and its equal alternative. There is a chance of increasing health risk of a lot of diseases with the increasing consumption of refined sugar.

Now with changing lifestyles there are two things which are highly recommended one is getting a health insurance online. The online way is preferred because it's easy & you can make quick comparisons to buy the best health insurance available. Apart from this you also need to change your sugar consumption and some ways to really decrease your sugar intake are-​

Processed Food

The simple trick to avoid eating extra sugar is to ask yourself at the time you are hungry that will you mind eating an apple at that particular time. If the answer is no this means that you are eating out of boredom and you don't need to eat nay processed food. Buying processed food in stock allow you munch them over whenever you feel like. If you feel like need of sugar stick to fruits and avoid eating any packaged food. These only satisfy your sugar cravings and don't add anything to the health. ​

Natural Alternatives

While white sugar is often called the enemy to the health. Its substituents such as brown sugar, or honey are often less harmful and equally sweet. A very traditional substituent is the jaggery which is a far better substituent. It is the best way to lower your sugar intake without making any compromise with the taste of the food you consume. It also tends to have a lot of health benefits like increase in immunity, increase in toxicity of the pollution.

Eating fruit

Fruit is a very high source of nutrient as well as of sugar. Also, if you juice your fruit you are consuming much more sugar than you actually would. This may not look true but it actually is. By juicing you eliminate all the fibre from the fruit which is helpful in a lot of ways. ​

Eat more Whole and balanced food

If you are in the habit of eating a lot of processed food from breakfast to dinner. The chances are you will feel hungrier and have more sugar carvings. Processed food has a very less quantity of fibre in the food which will keep you full for longer while giving you less amount of sugar.

Improve your eating habits and buy health insurance online to have an improved lifestyle​.