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Top Luxury Travel Destinations Around The World

When money is not restricted, the entire world becomes a destination!

Luxury travel is recording an unparalleled high as many people are leaving behind the conventional globetrotting adventures to seek out relaxation. Therefore, you can find a hotel or resort almost anywhere in the world, catering to your luxurious desires. Ditch the usual big city names and explore the wilderness of smaller towns and camps, giving out an exclusive laid-back appeal of their own. You will have to open up your mind when planning a luxury vacation. The "hidden gems" across the world will grant you a broader array of the facility due to the reduced number of guests at any given time.

Many people confuse luxury vacation with high-class hotels and sophisticated resorts. They fail to realize that there is a much wider range of choices out there. In fact, places like- India and Africa would have never been considered luxury destinations a few years ago. Luckily, even these developing countries have done a lot of growing up in recent years and can effortlessly stand up to the famous names in luxury travel.

Here's a list of destinations, which will redefine what a luxury vacation can be-

The Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador

Nicknamed the "Enchanted Islands" and described as the "Last Paradise on Earth," the Galapagos is a truly memorable experience. The Pikaia Lodge is designed for the physically active adventure traveler, who seeks close contact with the incredible wildlife, stunning views and the overall beauty that surrounds the Galapagos Islands. The Pikaia Lodge concept is a luxury land-based eco-adventure with the highest level of comfort and services. This place offers an unforgettable experience, at an unmatched location, where the guests will encounter some of the truly fascinating moments.

Two Story Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

Situated above the hustle-bustle of the Las Vegas strip, Palms Casino Resort features a cantilevered pool that extends out over the balcony. It is the best spot to sit back and unwind the burdens of one's busy life. The large rooms of the Sky Villa are gorgeous. The round bed accentuates the look of the room with a matching mirror on the ceiling.

White Desert "Greatest Trip" to Antarctica

If you don't have much time to spend yet want an ultimate luxury vacation, the White Desert is the best bet for you. It offers a one-day trip to Antarctica which starts from Cape Town on a Gulfstream Private Jet. The guests are then set off for the icy continent. After reaching the destination, the travelers have 8 hours to explore the place. The trip generally ends with a gourmet champagne dinner.

The Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

Located on the top of Fiji's Laucala Island, the Hilltop Villa is the best place to experience the ultimate out-of-the-way luxury vacation. The villa is situated far away from the rest of civilization and can only be accessed via a private road. This private island is not open for even the wealthiest of the travelers as you need to have a reservation duly approved by the island's owner.

Africa House at The Royal Malewane at Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa

Royal Malewane is an exclusive private safari lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park. The Big 5 safari experience is going to be the best safari experiences you ever had. The hostel has six luxury suites, 2 Royal Suites, and Africa House. The Royal Malewane offers guests the uppermost levels of luxury, excellent cuisine and personalized service.

Maharajah's Pavilion at Raj Palace in Jaipur, India

Located in the "Pink city," the Raj Palace is an extravagant four-floor apartment. The palace has a private entrance and a private elevator that takes guests right to their room. On the last floor, there's an open terrace, complete with a jacuzzi and panoramic views of Jaipur. Also, there's a private museum on the second floor displaying the Old Throne and Bolsters of the Thakur Sahib.

Fogo Island Inn in Canada

Reaching the end of the world is not cheap. If you want to reach this boutique hotel, you will have to travel to a remote island in Newfoundland, Canada. You can reach the island by chartering a helicopter or by taking a longer route. Once you arrive there, you can join a sponsorship program to understand the area's culture or instead relax in the hotel's rooftop hot tubs.

Before you plan your next luxury getaway, take a little time to look around and find some of the most overlooked and untarnished destinations. Also, don't forget to cover your trip with a travel insurance policy so that you can have the peace of mind whilst abroad. A travel insurance plan takes care of your lost passport, lost baggage and more. Hence, it advisable to get a comprehensive travel insurance plan before you take the flight.