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Top 5 Spiritual Destinations To Travel Around The World

In order to find our better version, we all go through a lot of struggle and take the paths less taken. We all seek the peace of mind in some way or the other. Some of us indulge ourselves in arts and culture whereas some of us follow the path of religion. No matter which vehicle you choose to take that journey ahead, the destination will seek you optimum spirituality. Every religion and scripture emphasizes the importance of spiritual happiness and joy. Human beings are nothing but spirits caught in a corporeal frame. Just like our bodies need food, water, and air to survive, similarly, we need spiritual joy to rejuvenate our souls too.  

Mind and body has an intertwined relationship. We all know that we should have a sound mind and body to achieve spiritual calm and comfort. The body needs to work along with the spirit to attain best results. For this, having an ambiance around you, this acknowledges spirituality and has been a marker of the same, aids one's spiritual journey. Here are amazing spiritual destinations that have great significance to so many people in the world and are some of the places you need to visit on your journey to a more enlightened self.

Mt. Kailash, Tibet

Tibet has been home to numerous monks and spiritual teachers like Dalai Lama. The place signifies spirituality like nothing else. Mt. Kailash - a spiritual circuit - is a pilgrimage to millions of people of several religious backgrounds including Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, and Bonpos. Though the trek to Mt. Kailash can be finished in a day, many travellers choose to take the journey slowly, pausing for meditation along the way.

Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

On the top of a pyramidal peak, in the middle of tea country, sits a lump of broken rock – also known as the sri pada, or "sacred footprint." A vast number of devotees from different religions do the stiff climb to worship this holy heel. The trail of this pilgrim leads up to the 2,244m mountain through shrines, steep steps, tea estates, long drops, and wildlife-filled forest.

Camino De Santiago, Spain

Camino de Santiago holds great meaning and importance to those of Christian background or who enjoy Christian tradition. Camino translates to "walk," and Camino de Santiago is a walk from Roncesvalles to the Atlantic coast, passing by the tomb of the apostle St. James in Santiago de Compostela. No matter if you are taking the entire pilgrimage or just the part of it, walking along the Camino de Santiago proposes visitors many great sights and opportunities for cultural experiences.

88 Temple Circuit, Japan

The 88 Temples Circuit is located on the Japanese Island of Shikoku. As per a Buddhist tradition, there are a total of 88 human passions that one must overcome to obtain enlightenment. They also believe that one can address these passions by making a pilgrimage between the island's 88 temples, beginning in Tokushima.

Machu Picchu, Peru

If you are not interested in meditation, but still want a poignant spiritual experience, then you should visit the city of Cusco and the wondrous Machu Picchu. Many little yoga schools and spiritual-seeking expats have populated Cusco due to the inclination of exploring the Peruvian rainforest in search of "enlightenment." Don't forget to explore the astounding ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu to get a new perspective on life.

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