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Top 5 Destinations to Explore for a Solo Traveller

Sometimes all you need is solo backpacking and getting lost in this world to discover yourself. Solo travelling is like a therapy to mind, where you get to taste the sweet potion of freedom by learning your incredible capacities of being independent. So, here are the top 5 destinations to travel for a solo backpacker.

United States of America

America is truly a great nation. The country itself is a land of immigrants, hundreds of travellers came from all parts of the world and made America their homeland. The culture here is so diverse that they say one life is not enough to explore it.

The USA has something to offer to every traveller. The incredible beaches of California, Florida, the Carolinas and so on satisfy the visitors with their breath-taking beauty. The sleepless cities like NYC, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and LA are the perfect getaways for the people who enjoy the nightlife. America was the place where Hollywood and Disney took shape. While travelling solo, you might encounter your favourite pop-culture characters to make your dream come true.


Every Spanish city has her own flavour to attract travellers all around the world. On a Spanish Holiday, you get to see the parts of Spain that you actually want to explore. Celebrate for their cultural fiesta or just relax in the natural beauty, Spain will never fail to amaze you.

New Zealand

A country which is a canvass of almighty mother nature. Beautiful landscapes, turquoise blue waters and lush green mountains, New Zealand is a perfect getaway who find solace in nature's arms. North island stands of active volcanoes, vibrant lakes and beaches, whereas South Island is the home of glaciers, snowy mountains and South Pacific with mighty whales and seals. The islands of New Zealand are one of the safest destinations for tourist travellers. Click to know about New Zealand Travel Insurance


With the lowest crime rates, Iceland is another country in the list of the safest country for solo travellers.

Suitable to its name, Iceland is the white heaven of snow and natural gorgeousness. The mysterious caves in this country attract hundreds of nature lovers every year.  There are 20 active volcanoes in Iceland. The charming capital Reykjavík is a quirky town to drench your brain with oxytocin. Lastly, it is the place where sky celebrates its awakening with vivid colours- the northern lights.


A beautiful nation and one of the most favourite destinations of solo backpackers, Austria is a country where you can enjoy quality time with yourself. The nation is decorated by nature herself with snow peaks, emerald green forests and clearest lakes.

With freedom comes the responsibility to be ready from the encounters with troubles. In the worst cases, it is always wise to have plan B- your travel insurance policy. Overseas travel insurance covers you from potential damages or losses. Just like your trip package, you can get travel insurance online. Though your trip is solo, your travel insurance policy will always be there for you.​