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Top 5 Bike Accessories For Long Distance Motorcycles Touring

Many of us love to ride motorbikes and have always dreamt of making a long journey on our motorbike. When planning to go for a long-distance ride with your bike, there is a lot of planning required. If you have ever driven a motorcycle for more than an hour continuously, you will understand the challenges that a driver could face. It could be related to back pain, lose grip, needed water bottle and many other things. Using a few bike accessories will not only ease the journey out but will also enhance your experience. Here's a list of top 5 bike accessories which will enhance the journey. Also, never forget to carry your two wheeler insurance before going for that long ride.  

Saddle and Tank Bags

If you are going to be on the road for days, you will need to carry some luggage with you. Having a saddle will allow you to carry your entire luggage on the back of the motorbike easily. Your shoulders won't be able to carry weight and tying it on the back is the best way to drive comfortably. 

There are several options from saddlebags, tank bags or hard-top panniers. All of these can carry the required things. You may get one depending on your bike and ease. Getting the one specifically for your bike is the best option. Make sure it has provision to store cans and bottles at the side. A good tank bag can carry some frequent things like your phone, cameras, chocolates etc.

Portable air pump and Puncture Repair Kit

When going for a long ride, you never know what condition you might face. Most bikes in India now have switched to tubeless tyres which are easy to repair. However, unlike a car motorbike do not have a spare tyre. The alternative is to carry your puncture kit and a portable air pump to be protected. 

Tools and first aid kits

All the bikes come equipped with tools and first aid kits which are basic. For long journeys, you need extensive tools kits and first aids. Investing in a good quality kit to fasten the loose ends of the bike along with extra bulbs and cables. 

A well-equipped first aid kit could make a lot of difference in how you travel. If not you, it could be someone else on the road that might need some medical assistance. Having an ideal first aid kit will protect you at the time of emergency.

Auxiliary Headlamps

It is often true that the basic lights are inadequate for drivers while driving late at night on the road. There isn't much intensity in the throw. It makes riding your bike in the dark very difficult. Bumps and surprise on the rod make this more hazardous and difficult. Upgrading your headlight bulbs is a good option which will draw less power but will offer excellent luminosity. 

Comfort accessories

There are a lot of options to make your ride comfortable which can protect you from the sun and can also keep you hydrated. Buy bike insurance online and invest in right accessories before going on for a long ride.