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Tips to Protect Your Eyes When Working From Home

In this lockdown, most of us are working from home and the time spent working on computer or laptop screens has increased. Almost the entire day you spend sitting in front of your laptop or computer screens. The situation is similar for adults as well as for children who are not working but watching TV, or spending time on social media. The surge in screen time means your eyes are facing more stress than usual. There are certain things you need to do keep you two valuable assets (your eyes) safe and protected. Listed below are some tips that you can consider to protect your eyes while working from home:

Keep Laptop at A Distance to Protect Eyes:

It is suggested to keep your laptop at an arm’s length away. That means the screen should be away from your eyes at an appropriate distance. Also, makes sure to adjust the screen position and brightness so that you are able to work on your system easily, without straining or focusing too much. However, if your eyes are too weak then you should visit a doctor, and before doing that ensure to have health insurance.

Let the Natural Light In:

Starting from morning to afternoon, try to work in natural light instead of LED lights or tube-lights. Sunlight, when enters your room through doors and windows, makes your eyes feel relaxed. It also assists you to stay active throughout the day.

Take Regular Breaks To Relax your Eyes:

This is one effective advice that people ignore because they have to focus on their work constantly. But you are advised to take your eyes off the screen for at least 5 minutes, once in every hour.

Adjust screen brightness, contrast:

Screens that have high brightness than the surrounding force the eyes to work harder. Try to match the screen brightness to the level of the room and surge the contrast to reduce eye strain.

Proper monitor position:

Your monitor should be slightly down from eye level and at least arm’s length or 25 inches away. This will lower the stress on the eyes and decrease the intensity of the light.

Don’t forget to blink:

Generally, you blink every 4 seconds, but some studies depict that this decreases by more than 50% when working at computer screens or any other digital device. Make an effort to blink as often as you can, which will keep your eyes moisturized and avoid dry eye.

Practice Eye Exercises:

Once in a day, take some time and do some eye exercise. For example, watch your thumb while moving it from left to right direction, relax your eyes by rubbing the palms together and placing on your eyes, and do eyeball rotations. Furthermore, if you want to do any eye treatment, then make sure you buy health insurance​ as it will help you to do complete treatment without stressing your pocket.

Use these tips to reduce the stress of increased screen-time on your eyes while making sure that you stay healthy at home.

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