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Tips To Manage Social Anxiety Post-Lockdown

​Anxiety disorders these days are the most common mental illness, especially among young adults. As the social calendar for the last few months has been on a standstill, getting back into the common social routine after the isolation may result in anxiety. COVID-19 has brought a big change in our social life and also changed the way we interact with people. It’s not just about feeling shy in a group, it’s a stronger feeling and thus preparation is needed to cope up with this level of anxiety. Even though you have a health insurance plan, you still need to fight the health conditions led by anxiety. 

It is normal for extroverted people to feel like they are becoming introverted, and worrying about basic things when they don’t have someone to talk to. The most common way to overcome social anxiety is to push yourselves to be social but for the past few months, we haven’t got any opportunity to push ourselves instead the opposite has been happening. 

It could be tiring

Initially, the thought of being at home was often enjoyed by many but as this turned to a longer period of stay, people are worried about going out and interact again. For those living in the social anxiety, the best suggestion would be to socially enter into social life. Start with your close friends and share what you feel with them. Your closest inner circle is your comfortable space and that space must be utilised to overcome the anxiety. 

Visualising situation

Now as most of are sitting at home with more time in our hand, there’s a lot of time to think about the past and the future. While there is no harm in visualising situations but giving them, a positive direction is necessary. Visualise a situation where you meet your friend after the lockdown and feel how excited you are to see them. 


It is important that during lockdown nobody loses the sight of their routine. It is important to have good eating and sleeping habits. While working from home it is tempting to fall for the lethargic lifestyle, which could result in negative thinking and cause anxiety at a greater level. In your free time trying to do the things, you have been procrastination for a long time. Don’t force yourself into the competition with those who have been utilising this time. It’s completely okay if you don’t feel like working.

Coronavirus coverage

Watching news could be mentally exhausting especially when there is new of death all day. While the news may not affect all of us in a bad way for some, they face extreme mental pressure while watching the news. It is important to avoid obsessing over coronavirus coverage. Choose an only certain credible source that too for a limited time. 

Get professional help

If you’ve tried all the methods of fitting yourself in back into the normal life and still the thought of interaction worries you, the best thing is to get professional help. There is nothing wrong in consulting a mental health professional, they may guide your way in a better frame and could understand your problem quicker than any other person or a blog post. Moreover, it is also advised to renew or buy health insurance plan​, which ensure to provide coverage at least in financial terms. 

Select the best health insurance plan​ for your treatment and hospitalization expenses. Choose a policy which will help you safeguard your savings. Purchasing online is hassle free and convenient now!