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Tips To Maintain Correct Posture During Long Bike Trips

Many people dream of going on their two-wheeler for a long trip. Ladakh is a famous biker's destination. The natural beauty of India presents a lot of opportunities for many well-known biker's destinations. Now, when you hear the story of these remarkable bike trips, one thing which you might hear in common is about the backache or body ache. If you aren't pleased, it might not be your happiest trip. Riding the bike in the right posture is one of the crucial steps when you are going for a faraway destination. Before going on with your much-desired long bike trip, it is essential to make sure that the bike is in its best condition. Get bike insurance online if you don't have one now. You must also consider some add-ons if you have a comprehensive policy. 

Five tips for bike riders for the right posture are

Refuel & Reenergize

Your bike needs refuel and some breaks at proper intervals to run smoothly. The same goes for you. You need to take a break on this lengthy trip. Take some time out for yourself, don't rush for the destination. A bike trip is done to enjoy the journey, make sure you are doing that. Taking the load to reach the destination will make the tour boring. Riding without proper breaks can lead to posture problems. You must perform the necessary neck and head exercise in this break or while waiting at the signal. Basic stretching is helpful to re-energize. 

Smooth Switching and Braking

Bikers have to deal with clutch, gear and brakes invariably which can put pressure on legs and fingers. This constant act of pressing, leaving and switching strains the muscles. Everything has to be in sync for proper functioning. Tried muscles can result in unbalance. Thus, keep the bike in a smooth condition to enable smooth braking and gear shifting. Tight systems can put stress on the limbs. 

Don't Slouch

Whether it's on your bike or in the office chair, slouching is to be avoided. It is common for long riders to slouch as they may feel eased out or relaxed. However, the rider must keep in mind that this is temporary relief. Maintaining a straight back posture will help prevent back pain in long run. 

Comfort Clothing

One must be in their most comfortable attire while riding a bike. Wearing tight-fitting clothes can not only put more stress but can also irritate you. It can lead to disturbed bike riding. However, do not confuse this with safety gear. A safety gear could be uncomfortable for you as well, but it is compulsory to wear it for protection.

Manage body weight

Riders often lose their body balance while riding a bike. The body weight shifts forward. It is especially visible on a sports bike where the design tends to push the bodyweight forward. In this case, the bodyweight is supported by fingers and can cause a lot of pain in the wrist. Manage the bodyweight and find the right balance. If your insurance is expiring soon renew bike insurance right now before embarking on this journey.​