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Tips to Adjust Driver Seat Position Perfectly — Benefits of Correct Driving Position

​While driving a car, it is necessary to make sure that your driver's seat is perfectly adjusted for ease in driving and to have better control over the vehicle. It also allows you​ to drive without any kind of strain, ​less fatigue on longer drives​​ and will be able to drive more comfortably.

Improper positioning of seats also puts one at a higher risk of getting injured when the airbags go off. While your motor insurance will cover you finically, it may hurt as all the cars have different seat specifications. 

While most budget cars come with full manual seat adjustment, there are few with a complete electrical adjustment and few will have a mix of both. Based on all these factors a driver needs to adjust his seat such that it does not strain his neck or head. One will need to rotate the dial or slide the lever to move the seat forward or backwards until one finds a comfortable position. ​

How to set the correct seating position?

By setting the position of the driver seat correctly, one can drive comfortably. To test whether the driving seat is in a comfortable position or not there are several factors. 

Check how straight your arms are while driving. Sitting on the seat if the driver tries to reach forward, his hands should reach the top of the steering wheel without getting uncomfortable or leaning forward, then the seat is in the right position. It is always recommended to perform this test before driving the vehicle. If the arms are straight while driving, the person will face issues in driving. 

Another thing to check is the foot pedal reach. In this test, the driver must be able to push both accelerator and clutch from the position without moving forward.

It must be checked that the driver's knee does not hit the steering wheel while the foot is on the break. If the knee touches, you must adjust the seat accordingly until there is no contact between both of them. One can also lift the steering wheel such that it does not put any strain while driving. While many people like to keep it low for ease. 

The height of the seat is to be adjusted according to the height of the driver. It shouldn't be too much or too less as it can cause a restriction for viewing the rear window as well as the mirror. In manual cars, it is also crucial to check whether the drive can reach the gearbox easily. So, if you have a manual car, the seat must be adjusted according to the reach to the gearbox. 

Apart from this, you should renew car insurance policy to stay secured.​