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Tips for Solo Trip to Japan

Japan is a very beautiful, friendly, and a welcoming country. It is also a little different from any other country in the world. Before you start your journey, here are some tips that will help you on your trip, while traveling solo. 

Have Proof of Departure and Accommodation Details 

When entering Japan, you have to specify your intended period of stay on a disembarkation card. You are also require to write down one Japanese address and contact number as well. 

Plus, the immigration officer might ask you to display proof of intended departure, for example, a return air ticket. The short of it, have all of these details with you before boarding your flight. Obviously, Japan is not going to imprison you if you cannot give proper information but the immigration officer might ask you for a special interview in a separate room to make sure nothing suspicious is going on. That can be a really upsetting way to begin your Japanese solo trip. That can conveniently eat up an entire house too. This is one of the essential solo travel tips. 

Always Carry Sufficient Cash

While many Japanese establishments now accept international credit cards, the country is still mostly cash-based. This is made worse by the fact that most of the Japanese ATMs still do not accept foreign bank cards. 

To protect yourself from hassle and panic of desperately hunting for an ATM that does welcome your cars, always carry enough cash with you when traveling in Japan. Needless to say, you should also add a daily buffer for uncertain situations. 

Be Aware That Small As Well As Traditional Hotels Might Impose Curfews

This is essential, especially if you are staying at budget facilities. Smaller, family-run enterprises tend to take advantage of night-time curfew, with lock-up time typically between 2200 hours and midnight. Some establishments might be willing to loan you a specific key for entry after curfew, but it is always great to never bet on this. In short, always check a hotel’s curfew policy before booking any accommodations. 

A Japan Railways Pass Is Only Cost Effective When You Visit Multiple Cities

The passes sold by the Japan Railways group are among the top-most deals in the global travel industry. Specifically, attractive for traveling alone in Japan too as they fabulously complement solo traveling itinerary flexibility. 

That being said, JR passes only deliver savings if you take sufficient long-distance rides on premium trains. To give an example, the 7 Day Pass makes financial sense for a solo trip to Japan if you want to take at least two long-distance bullet train rides. Otherwise, you end up investing more for the pass than you would for a single rail ticket. You can also manage that expense in case of emergencies with a travel insurance​.

The key to enjoy Japan alone is to make things easy. Know that you are in a safe country, one that is very eager to share its highly unique culture. The most enjoyable memory of your solo trip could become your daily discoveries of what this country is all about.